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Our New Families
Read about how the Rescue Me foster kids found the new, forever families!

Frankie, our new little boy is doing fine. He`s growing all too fast for me! He`s healthy, curious and has a wonderful personality, a real charmer. Our other three yorkies are finally getting used to him. He tries to play with them flipping, somersaulting and all but standing on his head. They look at him and I can hear them say to each other .... look at that clown! Do you believe him? We`re loving him .... enjoying every minute of "Frankie from the Hood" He`s a real character, one of a kind. Thanks Carole and Yorkie Rescue Me. Joan and Family

Today marks two years that I adopted Benji through Margaret and John. I can not even begin to express how fortunate I was to have been approved to adopt through RMYR. He has brought so much happiness to our families I could not imagine life without him. Rescue Me has forever changed my views on adopting. I would never "purchase" another family member again. Oh, you might be wondering how he is doing. He is amazing! Weights great, health is great, you would never have known he was a puppy mill dog if he still didn't need to wear his belly band!

Scooter (aka Bennee) is about a 90 on a scale of 100 and we've only had him 2 days. By the end of the week he'll be a 150 on the same scale. He is a real good boy. Thanks so much for keeping us in mind and giving the gift of Scooter to us. Dan

We've decided to call Brazil Zilly......close to her name but somehow seems, at least to us, a bit closer to who she looks to be....tiny, cute and perhaps just a bit silly. :-) We all a great trip home and arrived back here at just about 7 PM. Although we had a travel basket for each of the girls, Zilly waited only about ten minutes before joining Snuggly in her travel basket and Snuggly was fine with that arrangement. They curled up against each other and slept much of the way home. We stopped at a rest area about half way home and a car pulled up right next to us. A couple got out of the car and were peaking in the windows at the girls fast asleep in the basket. The woman began a conversation with me as she waited for husband.....she couldn't believe that Zilly and Snuggly had just met for the first time hours before our little road trip and here they were snuggled up together sound asleep. When we first arrived home there was, of course, the usual checking each other out and running about checking out the house. Zilly ate her dinner and found the pee pee papers with no problem. She's a bit wary but will let me pick her up and when we sit on the couch she jumps up and joins us. She had a great night and slept until about 6 AM. Breafast and a bit more couch time as we watched the news. She's curled up on the couch now as I'm writing to you. You've done great work with Zilly (and all of your furbabies) and I'm sure in no time at all she will be feeling as though she has always been a part of our family.

Ping was adopted from Rescue Me and was happy to participate in his owners wedding along with his fur-sister, Penny!

Hi there, this is Holly! We changed Gellar's name to Talbot. He is a sweet boy. Coburn has helped teach him to go up the stairs and jump on couches. He is resonding to his name, wags his tail, and runs and plays in the back yard with Coburn and his other three new dog friends! Took our first 20 minute walk today and did great! Now we are working on going downstairs and still on the potty training but there has been improvement! Sad to say we will not make yorkiepalooza this year.. But wanted you to know he is getting lots of love.. :) Holly

He is a love bug- what an adorable baby boy!!!! Tommy TT has a middle name now, Dan is calling him "Egbert" , Good Egg for nickname......I figure whatever he likes, as long as he loves the little Egg. They are inseparable and We Love Him!!!!

Koda is settling in very quickly. He is a little sweetie. Leo and Koda are great friends (which is what I was hoping for)! By Tuesday morning, they were playing ball and games of chase. They walk right next to each other. Our big dog, Skye, intimidates Koda a bit but they are starting to play. Koda is a cuddler – he has been sleeping by my side from the first night! We are very happy to have Koda in our home and in our lives.

We can't thank you enough for matching Pablo (now Nunzie) with us. From the minute he jumped in our car and we brought him home, he has been such a great dog. He has adjusted so well to our family and home, its like he has lived here all his life. He is a smart, affectionate, lovable, obedient little guy and its hard to imagine that someone would give him up. He certainly has found his furever home here with us. It took our female Yorkie, Darcy, a little time to get used to having Nunzie around, but they have become fast friends. Nunzie now spends his days playing with his pal Darcy, running laps in the backyard, going for long walk and, of course, going on his beloved car rides. He is truly an amazing dog and we are so lucky to have him here with us.

I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Sasha. The dedication people, like you, have for these little Angels is amazing. Here is a little update on Sasha and Princess. The two ladies went nonstop of a few hours after arriving home. Neither one would eat because they were preoccupied with each other. Princess took Sasha outside and ran around the yard with her playing tag. Princess would get within an inch of Sasha when Sasha would take off after her. Finally, Princess had to stop because Sasha sat in a pile of leaves and decided to roll in them. Princess followed. They had 7 adults mesmorized for a long time. Finally, we all came in. I made my room dark and both girls took a nap. Sasha has mastered the stairs to my bed, thanks to Princess' coaching. They both finally ate after their nap and went outside as I hung laundry. Sasha is now sitting in my daughter's lap as she is doing her homework. Princess is resting in her dog house. I will keep you updated every now and then. Again, thank you for all you do for these Angels. Joan

I thought you might want to hear about Nummy. He is just fine. He's eating good and seems to be adjusting. He and Cailey had their first little spat this morning. She was eating (after he had already finished eating) and he decided he was going to eat again. When she wouldn't back away, he did the Yorkie snarl at her. I quickly let him know that was not okay and he was fine after that. Also, he is quite the escape artist. I went out a couple of nights this week and both times found him on the other side of the gate. The second night I even put something in front of the gate and he still got out. So this morning I decided to watch to see how he did it. I wasn't sure if he was climbing or jumping over it. Well, he climbed out in record time. Put his little feet in the mesh openings like he was climbing a ladder. Too funny. So now I just ordered a gate without any openings so he can't climb out. I don't want him to get hurt! He is a cutie!! I can't wait for him to meet my grandkids.

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Rockie and for allowing us to adopt him and be his forever home! We are so excited, and we feel so blessed to have Rockie as a new member of our family. He has made a wonderful transition to our home. He is a dream come true for our family! We could not have asked for a better dog - he's absolutely perfect! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. Robin, Rich, Ashley & Nick

The Zollo family would like to take this opportunity to thank Yorkie Rescue Me for the opportunity to adopt the newest addition to our family, BoJangles (we call him Bo). We already have a little girl Yorkie named Bailey who is 1 1/2 years old. The entire family fell in love with her the moment we met her (July 2011). Bailey brought such happiness to a family who was very much in need of the unconditional love that she displays. Life has not been easy for our family and there have been lots of obstacles along the way. Bailey filled a void that we all needed. She put smiles on our faces when we didn't feel much like smiling. We received such joy from Bailey that we wanted to rescue a Yorkie that needed our love, the way we needed Bailey's. We were approved to adopt and were on a mission to find a little boy to help. It was important that this new dog be a good companion for Bailey as well. I would check the website every few days for possibilities and came upon Harpo (now known as Bo). There was something intriging about him and his profile sounded just perfect. We had our Meet and Greet on Saturday 9/15 and adopted him that day. He is wonderfu! Bailey and Bo are becoming best buddies and love to run around and play together. It is amazing how much the two of them look alike. Bo is definitely very comfortable in our home and we are equally comfortable with having him here. We are just thrilled and love him dearly already. It is especially rewarding to know that Bo now has a forever home where he will truly be loved and wanted. Thank you to everyone in your organization who made this possible. Warmest regards to all!! The Zollo family

Just wanted to let you know that Philip has blended right in with the family. He missed you and looked for you for a while, but once we took him out for a walk around the block, he perked up and sniffed every blade of grass and mailbox he could find. Every time Ken sits down in the chair in the family room, he jumps right into his lap and makes himself comfortable. Best of all, at bedtime we showed him Logan's room and he immediately wanted to sleep on Logan's bed. Logan was over the moon about that. Philip jumped right up and found a spot at the bottom. The two of them slept straight through without a peep. Philip truly has got to be the most 'chill' dog ever born. He's the exact dog that Logan wanted, and the exact dog we wanted for him.Thank you so much for all of your help and I'll keep you posted on how he's doing! Kathleen

Just wanted to give you an update-Chloe and Buddy are the best of friends! Buddy is absolutely the best! Joe and I cant imagine our life without him. I also wanted to let you know that we moved. Although we loved our old house, we wanted something smaller and we wanted a nice backyard with a pool. We found the perfect house in Brick with a fenced yard for the dogs, lots of grass and a huge built-in pool! We cant wait until the summer. The dogs love the new fenced yard and Chloe does not use her wee-wee pad any longer!

I have been meaning to write and let you know how much we love our little Yorkie Dayzee (now known as Happy) who we adopted on May 18. You were a great foster Mom and really did not exagerate when you said she was the "perfect Yorkie." But you probably say that to all of the new forever parents. She has made our lives even richer and a lot more fun - we tell everyone we don't know what we talked about before that little "monkey" came into our lives. I can not believe it has only been five months since she became a part of our family. Th transition was so easy. She was perfectly potty trained and there were no accidents. Even her little po-po is perfect - just like a tootsie roll. So easy to scoop up. She has kept eating her Fromm's food which she loves. We have tried to teach her a few tricks but I must report she has done a much better job training us. I can not say enough wonderful things about Yorkie Rescue. I would love to have a house full of the little guys but I am not sure we are ready for that and I know that would not make our Happy very happy. I wish I could impress on everyone the pleasure of adopting a mid-life doggie - there's no chewing nor potty challenges or puppy antics - just years of loving and being loved. Thank you so much to you and everyone in your organization!!!!!!!!!

We are all doing fantastic! Johnny/Stevie is making good progress with potty training! He is starting to walk on a leash which has been his biggest challenge! He is starting to show us affection a lot more and follows the "pack" quite well! All in allH we are so happy to have him! He has been a great addition to our home! Hope all is well! Cindy

I write to tell you how wonderful things are going with Miss Lily as she sits on my lap and watches me type. She is a real sweetie and we are so thrilled to be blessed with her. She cuddles and licks me now. Last night she slept through the whole night and didn't wake me at all. I have her come to me for the harness and leash to go outside. I don't go after her...I sit and let her come to me because she knows that is how it is going to be. She scratches to come in also. Sometimes it is after only a few minutes, but she is testing trust with me. I watch her every move...but she doesn't do business if she sees me watching...kind of funny. She loves her walks each day but it is not for business. I made an appointment for the 25th of this month for her check up with her new doctor and sure that will go okay also. I introduced her to the mailman and he smiled and pet her....said that was a first. She is eating great...seems to like the eat later instead of first thing...has been while we are eating dinner. Again....thanks for all the extra help in making this adoption work for us. We love you too!

Once again, Thank you Thank you Thank you.. Diamond had a good night with us and slept through the night. She was up at Six for the pee and whoopsie walk. That over she turned around and headed for home and her breakfast. She does enjoy her walks and we go out all the time for walks around the block. Not a big block, 5 minutes tops, or to the corner and back going the other way. Ninth avenue is a trigger if you want your dog to go pee and whoopsies. Lots of dogs get walked down our street, so the scents are everywhere. Back and forth she scoped out the perimeter in front of our house, then the car port, and then all of the rooms inside the house. I put one bed in the living room and one in the bedroom. She settled down when we went to bed and only woke to give a low growl when i got up in the night. She likes to sniff the garbage bags and i assume that is from being out there scared and alone and living off the land and what she could dig through. (Fluffy did it too) I just say no, Diamond, this way, and off we go again with a few good girls thrown in there. She is good on the leashes. She has heard the neighbour's dogs barking and just keeps walking. No skitterish behavior there. Last night we met a neighbour outside the house and Diamond did not like him around and stayed leash length away. We hadn't been home long and it was dark by then so she was in defense mode. I told him that she was newly adopted and a bit nervous as we had just got home so do not try to pet her. He went on his way and we came on in. So her first night is over with and she is settling in nicely. I even got a kiss today. My first! She has kissed Steve a lot. She really likes him and follows him around. We have looked on Cesar's website and have the schedule for his shows and we will research toy obsessions. Baby steps.. Time for walkies. Bye for now, Janet

Thanks so much for the adoption picture! Everyone had a great night . I have the day off today and now she's snuggled up against me. Thanks for taking such good care of Kasey and for finding the right fit for us. We'll definitely keep in touch. Best, Jen and Eric

I just wanted to let you know Gizmo seems to be getting quite comfortable here. Gizmo and Cinamon are fine together. She is running around the yard barking at birds and squirrels. She loves to go for walks. She is afraid of strangers coming into the house, but they dont seem to bother her outside of the house. Also she has been to the groomer and she was fine. I switched both dogs to Halo dog food which they both like. Thanks so much, Chrisann

Willow is doing great! Her personality comes out more and more each day. She's still very frightened of a lot of things but she has gotten a little better than when she first came home. She's been with us a year now and she still struggles with just taking a treat out of your hand. She and Savannah are cute together. Savannah is a little more autonomous but Charlotte loves to cuddle so she waits to see where Savannah goes and then she'll go curl up with her. She's a real love bug and we are so grateful to Rescue Me for matching us together.

It's been almost 1 month since Artemis has been a member of our family. We feel like he's been with us all of his 9 years. That's how long we have had our first Yorkie "Old Glory" and we already love him as much. As Helena stated to me "he's a lively little guy" and a real "love bug", boy was she right! Since this our second rescue me rescue, ["our beloved Fanci" passed on,] we were alittle shy about adopting gain. We are so glad we did! I stared at that little face for several weeks, before I contacted you. Artemis's foster mom Helena was so helpful and patient with us while we contemplated his adoption. Helena kindly answered all my numerous questions, happily! I feel like I've made a new friend! Thanks again Rescue Me for completing our family with the most wonderful little brother to my other two little men! Sincerely JoAnn

Thank you Rescue Me .... PeeWee is a perfect match! Leslie

Lily (Lilly Belle Pearl) is absolutely wonderful! On Saturday, I took her with me to get my haircut, PetCo and then to visit four shops in Red Bank. She rides in the car like a dream girl and was extremely well behaved in every establishment we visited! Lily played fetch in the backyard and brought the ball back twice. I've started teaching her name, sit and her release word. We'll move on to lesson two in a few days, heeling on leash! She follows Chase around, and he follows her. She sleeps with Rudy in his basket or with us in the BIG basket! She nestles in Rich's arms on the couch and looks at me with the most beautiful almond shaped eyes! We couldn't be more thrilled to have her. Please know that you have done a wonderful thing for this little dog and for us! Mindy

I hope you are well. It's been a LONG month, but here we are!!! Bruiser and Bella are getting closer every day and though they do play rough, they love to lay together and cuddle when they're all worn out. We're working on potty training with him, but he still likes to pee quite often-- outside and in :) He's a real bruiser, and lives up to his name times ten. We use baby gates to keep them in the kitchen when we aren't all hanging out, and Bruiser now can hurdle over it!!! I'm trying to find an alternative but what a challenge!! Haha. Today, when Charles and I ran out to get a bite to eat, we came home to find Bella sitting by the gate waiting, but no Bruiser. We looked around downstairs, and he wasn't here! So I went upstairs and found him fast asleep on our bed. I couldn't stop laughing. He's the funniest little baby ever. Just this week we started letting him sleep on the bed with us. He had been sleeping in his crate at night next to the bed, and Bella with us (she had already started before he joined us). So now we've got a full bed-- thank goodness it's a king! He sleeps through the night completely and is really well behaved, not as big a cuddler as Bella but he's getting there. When we go to my mom's they both ride in their crates in the backseat of my convertible-- they like the top down! They both whine a little but are quiet for most of the time. I'll be sure to send more pictures soon, but I wanted to send you a note and say hello!! Hope to hear back soon. The furry kiddies say hello!! Laura and Charles

I wanted to give you an update on Prudence-- she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Yesterday was her first day in our PA home and she was shy, she ate well, and we let her have the run of the house-- anywhere she wanted to go was fine. We're working on the poop thing-- she had an accident on the floor and she was so scared she was hiding from us under the table. I sat on the floor by the table and spoke to her. It took a while, but she gave in and came to me. Her and Holly hit it off good. Today she got to New Jersey and what a greeting she got from her grandparents. She got a lot of gifts. Milo and her got off to a good start. She follows me all over the place. Every move I make she is right there on my ankle. She was much more calm today, she got out of her bed and walked around all day. She gets along fine with the other dogs and she loves kisses. What an angel! Her eyes talk for her. I will be sending you pics of her. She is now sleeping and is doing fine. We love her so much already and, again, thank you for everything.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm so happy with Khloe, she is just what I wanted. I took her to pet smart shopping and she bought a pink velvet dress and a tee shirt. She is just a sweet little girl - I even took her to church sun morning! Thank you so much. Kathy

I forgot what it was like to have active babies in the house. They have met almost my entire family and many friends, and everyone is in love with them, as are we. They gently play with Chichi sometimes and that thrills us. Suki is the total Diva and our little terror that cracks us up. They have been great walking at the park, traveling in the car, and did pretty good at our RV overnight. They just love each other and so glad they will be together. I keep them active as much as I can. Chili is in our bed now at night. I have to take a video of Suki playing with a rawhide stick it is the cutest thing. I think they are getting to know that this is home now. Thanks, will be keeping you posted. Sue

Dear Angela, Thank you for inviting Greg, our girls and me to your home yesterday. You and Chris were such wonderful hosts and we appreciated the opportunity to meet you and Neko. He had a nice ride to Dover--he stayed on my lap the whole trip! Neko has met his three human sisters, our son-in-law, as well as my parents and one of my brothers. Today I took him to Petsmart to pick up some supplies and he seemed to enjoy himself. I think he liked the fuss some of the customers made over him too! So far (and I know it's early) Neko seems to be fitting in with the Henry family quite nicely. He's usually where ever I am and that's fine with me! Greg and I want you to know that we think you have been so kind and loving with Neko. He couldn't have had a better foster mom! Your tears touched my heart when we left your house yesterday. Only someone who truly cared for Neko would have those emotions. So please know that he will be loved beyond words and taken care of for the rest of his life. We are so honored to be his chosen family and I thank you again. I will have to email you pictures of him as he certainly is comfortable in front of the camera and we will love taking pictures of him. Fondly, Kim

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for a smooth and enjoyable adoption process. Cocoa came home with me last Saturday and has quickly immersed herself into my family. She is at home at my parents home, my sisters, and in my neighborhood. We have about 6 little dogs that Mickey and Cocoa associate with daily in the neighborhood, and Cocoa is everyone's little favorite. Her little face is so cute, that she causes people to stop and take notice. She and Mickey wear their sweatshirts and T-shirts as we walk in the park, and they never finish a lap without people commenting on how well behaved and cute they are. Cocoa is also a great traveler, as she stays in her car seat and often takes a nap when on the road for more than 10 minutes. The adjustment period has been short and filled with a lot of laps and a few mishaps (which was to be expected). Anyhow attached is a picture of Mickey and Cocoa, Cocoa and my mother with Cocoa. Thank you again for allowing EJ, Mickey and I to adopt Cocoa!!:) Susan

Our girls have had a great week! All is going well. Angel has decided she likes Annie's bed a lot better than her own, and Annie doesn't seem to mind sharing. No messes at all! We've been taking lots of walks and I come home at lunch each day so she knows she is not being left. She is VERY attached to me, which I just love. She sleeps right next to me at night and even knows the sound of my car. We took her to my daughter's yesterday and she and their mini dachshund did fine together. By the end of the visit, she was trying to give the baby kisses and landed a few on his head! She is precious and such a good companion for me. Thanks again for trusting us with her. Tell John she has not forgoten him or his song. Sincerely, Leslie

I wanted to let you know Ashley-- now Marcy-- has grown in leaps and bounds. Bella adores her. She walks on the leash like a champion, better than Bella!!! She picked up so quick. By Saturday she knew what going outside to potty meant. She had a few corrections but runs out the door and goes with Bella like a champ. Of course, the treats really help. She gets a treat every time she pottys. Friday night she had her first night out-- we went to PetSmart and ate dinner at Wendy's drive thru with the girls in the car. Saturday she went for two really long walks and played outside most of the day. Meals are a breeze with her. Bella showed her the ropes. Saturday night my stepdaughter picked her up when she came over (Rachel is 14) and held Marcy until they both went to bed. Marcy was in heaven. Sunday, oh my word, we all had mother's day in the sunroom and Marcy was the hit of the party!!!! Chris's mom and my mom went nuts over her. So she has had great company. Monday she had her first three hours alone in the crate when I went to work. She did just great. She has really settled in and is starting to relax .We couldn't be more happy, she is really coming out of her shell and her eyes are starting to sparkle. I am having her groomed, of course, and will send a pic to you. Wait, she will be a real beauty. She is really training well for what she has been thru. I am so proud of her and love her to pieces. Mary

Just wanted to let you know we arrived home safe and sound last night around 9:15. It was a long day for everyone, but so worth it! We have the cutest picture on Christina's phone of Arthur and Lilley in Arthur's bed together. Lilley is settling in. She had a full dinner last night and a full breakfast this morning. She slept soundly through the night between Chris and I, and I think Arthur really likes her!:) She is going to take patience, but I think she will blossom just fine. It is interesting to juxtapose Arthur and Lilley together. He was once as scared and unsure as she is, and now he is so confident and happy. He has just come so far, and it will be a beautiful experience to watch Lilley do the same. We will be sure to share with you every step she makes. Thank you so much for fostering her and having us be the lucky ones to love her and watch her grow. You are an amazing woman doing amazing things for these little souls! Much love and appreciation, Evan and Christina

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how well Gabbie's (Brielle) is doing. She walked in the door the first night like she owned the place and never looked back! She eats like a horse and currently weighs 4.8 pounds. I have to wonder if I'll ever be able to keep her in full coat....she is such a dirt ball!! She LOVES the backyard and is relentless when it comes to chasing the squirrels and always has her face in the dirt to see what she can stir up. Fortunately for her, we have a bumper crop of moles this year so she is forever entertained. She still hasn't quite figured out what the garden toads are all about. She pokes them but they just won't move! She's so expressive - when she looks at you with those big brown eyes, she lookes right into your soul. She's just a little pixie! I hope all is well with you. I see you still have Friday........... Linda

We are all madly in love with Cecil already. It must have been very hard for his owner to give him up. He moved right in like he has always been here. He is funny, affectionate and very well behaved. I think he is going to be great for Francine. He follows me all over the house and when I bent down to pet him last night, I felt a nudge at my leg from behind. It was the first time Francine actually came at me asking for attention. The two have been pretty much ignoring each other until this morning they ran at each other barking and playing a bit. Francine then got scared and stopped but that was real progress for her and I am so hopeful that she will become as playful, happy and well adjusted as him. I just want her to have the love and attention she should have had all these years too. It was great meeting you both at the picnic and also being a part of the wonderful work you do for all these sweet dogs. I will stay in touch with Francine and Cecil updates and hope I see you both again real soon. Warm regards, Lynn

Three years ago today my wife and I came down to your house in New Jersey and brought home our boy! Since it was so close to his actual but birthday we made it his birthday too. So today Pippin is 5 years old. He's changed our life and we are grateful for your care of him before we got him. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| This Christmas morning will mark 5 months since Pip came into our lives. Since then everything has changed. He has opened up our hearts and he spreads joy in his wake no matter where his little feet take him. Pip shows us everyday how to cherish each moment. He makes the best cuddle buddy on a cold night or a rainy day. He makes even the laziest Sunday exciting by encouraging us to run around and play. Pip makes us belly laugh when we are blue, licks the tears from our cheeks if we cry, leaps for joy with us for our victories, and needless to say there has not been a dull moment in our house since the day he trotted through our doorway. We are so grateful to all of you for rescuing him and for providing him such a happy place to rest his little head during his layover on the way to his forever home with us. We can not thank you enough, the love that comes from the heart of this six pound dog fills up the walls of our home. We just wanted to let you know he has really blossomed as a member of our family and that he is, simply put, the best dog ever. Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring happiness to all of your homes. With love, Adam, Chasi & Pip

We can't believe we have had little Colby (aka Cole) for almost 7 months now. He is the most adorable and affectionate yorkie we have ever had. He just loves life so much! He gets along beautifully with Ginny, our female yorkie that we adopted from you three and a half years ago. They snuggle up together and keep each other warm when it gets cold. They both sleep in bed with us at night. We are still working with Colby on his house training, but it is getting better. When we have him outside walking and we take him places he gets so many compliments on how cute he is! Colby has been such a wonderful joy to us and to our little Ginny as well. Thank-you for letting us adopt him. Susan, Gary, Ginny

Abigail (Mya) is doing great! She is doing better each day, and is exploring more of the house. She runs back and forth between my sister and I and is inching closer and closer to Joy. Abigail is a happy little pup and seems to be adjusting fine. We did our mile in the am yesterday and mile at night and Abigail was ready again this morning. Thanks again for all your help and know that Abigail is doing fine and that she is well loved. Had to share with you ladies what Abigail did today-- I went out to sit on the back steps and Abigail followed and jumped into my lap! Karen

Annemarie is doing great! She has met my family and friends and everyone loves her. We went shopping at PetSmart and Annemarie had such a good time. She is a wonderful companion. Thank you Rescue Me! Dorothy

Thank you for introducing us to cookie. New name Shadow Maximum Prime Steel. He follows me everywhere. Given Shadow lots of love and attention. He is having a blast with Coco and Duke our black lab is okay another one to look over. Shadow has peed several times and poop once so far, outside. He is doing a great job around here. (cookie) is a perfect match. Thanks. Laure Ann

I just wanted to thank you for leading our path to this little guy, he is such a pleasure. As you can tell by the pictures he is adjusting very well. He gets along well with the kids. He likes his new toys and playing outside. And now and then if he isn't cuddle up against one of us for a nap, he finds his rest along our sliding door. He is just soo cute! Thanks again! Rosemarie, Frank, Johnny, Laura, & Tiny

Just to let you know, Jojo is doing great! Last week we went to the Barrel Oak Winery (very dog friendly) in Delaplane, Va. where they were having their "Dawg Days" weekend. June won the "look like your dog contest" because her hair was the same color as Jojo's! Jojo loved the winery and all the other dogs. And, the best news, Jojo is growing hair on his ears!! He's so sweet!

Wanted to send you an update. Westin now known as Lexus is so happy. He went to his new vet and they said he has gained a little over 2 lbs. He is just about right. He is also starting to grow hair on his nose and the end of his ears! He loves to play with his sister and all the many toys mom and dad have purchased. He went to the beach with us last week and had a blast. Today he is at the groomer getting his nails done, teeth brushed and a summer trim. He is a little love and follows me where ever I go.Thank you so much for my little angel :) Sandi

Oscar is doing great, and seems very happy. You wouldn’t believe how well he is doing with the housebreaking and walking on the harness!! He’s not using the pee-pee pads anymore, and we haven’t had an accident in the house in days and days now. He started to tell me that he needed to go out to go to the bathroom two days ago by standing near the door and “chirping” as I call it (only because he sounds more like a bird than a dog to me). He is also eating well and drinking lots of water on his own. He is so lovey! He has gotten very bold and sometimes completely torments Sophie (in a cute, puppy way) and she totally takes it – not a peep out of her. I think I mentioned to you already that she has started to seek him out more and more though she hasn’t exactly snuggled up next to him on her own yet. Sometimes she sleeps with my husband and Oscar sleeps with me, and she comes looking for him 1st thing in the morning when she wakes up. I still look at Oscar every day, every hour, and have to pinch myself that he is here with me. I just adore him, and am so happy to see him thriving. He plays and plays and plays, and then he naps for a little while. He’s so amazing!! My husband is totally in love with him, too. Thank you so much for believing in me and agreeing to let me adopt him! All My Best, Anne

Scotty is so cute!! We love him so much!! He and Henry went to doggie daycare today, I just called over there and Scotty is having a blast. One of the girls that works there is playing with him and carrying him around!! I have enrolled him in puppy kindergarten and Michael has been working with him and Henry with commands. So all is well here! I will send pictures as soon as I have a minute, this is like having new babies, I forgot how puppies can be! The good news, everyone goes to bed (our bed) at the same time and wakes up at the same time!! Thank you again, it was great meeting you and all your pups!! Erin

Our Willy is terrific little dog and has become just one of our family. He loves going to West Virginia with us and just spent a lovely weekend in the country. He is great in the car so we take him everywhere. Ed has completely bonded with him, which is a surprise to me, and Willy can't wait for Ed to go to sleep so he can curl up on his feet. He does want to eat any dog in the neighborhood that he encounters when we go for walks so we are working on that and would appreciate any advice. But he is friendly to people, even children, except the mail man... If you communicate with his former owner, please tell her that Willy is happy, well taken care of, has gotten his weight down to 12.6 lbs., loves taking walks and is a lovely snuggler. I can't imagine life without him. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for helping us find Willy. Peace. Rosi

Sorry I took so long to respond to give you an update on how Frankie is doing. He is just like a member of our family. He is house trained and even goes out with Lady outside by themselves and they come back in when called. Can you believe it . It was hard but the rewards are great. Lady and Frankie are like brother and sister. they fight and they love eachother . They sleep with Bob and myself each night. Sometimes they sleep with the kids. We call him Frank the Tank because he thinks he is so tough . HE actually gained a pound with us. Now he is a woppong 4 pounds. WOW. He is such a great little Yorkie I am so glad that you let him come into our lives! Karen

We want everyone to know how much we love Lola and what a sweetheart she is. She has acclimated to her new home wonderfully, and she even fell in love with her spoiled rotten brother, Hershey. She doesn't have a bad bone in her little body, she's just a ball of sugar and fur. Nicole and Tom

I just have to send you a little note to say Thank You for placing Preston with me. He has been a hand full but has made remarkable progress with his training and behavior problems. I started his therapy dog training and Preston has his first event this Sunday. He has turned out to be such a great little boy with the elderly and chronically ill, I’m so proud of him. But I really think he just loves all the attention he’s been getting and the special treats that come along with it. We had our picture taken for Sunday’s event and it appeared in our local paper, Springfield Sun, I have attached a copy, look at page 2. I think Preston is love-in life and he is a little dog with a big heart and lots of love to give to everyone he comes in contact with. Thank you again for this little yorkie boy, I just love him so much. Sincerely yours, Joan

I thought I would take a minute to update you on Stone and Greta. We started training yesterday - all three of us have already learned alot. Stone amazed the trainer. I will work with his fear of interacting with others and reward his amazing ability to watch and pay attention to everything the most interesting human in the room is doing. Greta has been with Stone and I for almost 4 weeks now. We have visited a couple vets about her itching and today, we saw a doggie dermatologist. We will keep working on her obvious skin condition to help her feel better...we will keep you posted. We are working on her anxiety issues, which will take some time. But the great news of her abilities are: she learned sit on Inauguration Weekend and today she has performed 'down' 3 times while spending time waiting for the vet..she is doing very well!! We hope you are well and all three of us thank you for what you do that saved their lives!!! Love ya!! Leslie, Stone, Greta

Prince Charlie here! We arrived at my new forever home about 2:30 on Friday. It was a very long ride, but I did very well in the car. I didn’t go to sleep at all though, just kept watching my mommy-wondering what was going on. Friday afternoon and evening, we spent getting to know each other and exploring my home and yard. I am very smart and learned very quickly where the door to my back yard is and where my water dish is, and I am quickly learning my way around the house. Friday night in the big bed was a new adventure for me-neither I nor mommy got much sleep as I was very restless and unsure about the whole thing. I finally curled up in mommy’s side and slept for a few hours. Last night was a different story, though…I curled up in mommy’s elbow and slept thru the whole night. Believe it or not, mommy says I snore! She thinks I might be a little bit of a lazy bones, too, because I’d rather sleep than wake up in the morning! I just think it’s because this whole adventure has worn me out! I’m doing really really well with pottying! Mommy can’t believe how well I’m doing. I had one “crazy” thought- that’s it! It was when my new friend Molly (a cocker spaniel) came to meet me yesterday for a few minutes. I really liked her, but I got scared because she smelled my little bed, so I decided to “mark” it as my own. Luckily I had my belly band on, so everything worked out ok, and I haven’t felt the need to mark anything since then. I’ve included some pictures of myself-in my big bed, watching out the front door (I LOVE to do this!), snoozing in the family room, and exploring my back yard. So far, so good. I think I’m going to like it here a lot! I am even thinking that I might like to play with toys! I’m not really certain, yet, but I’ve given it a few tries and it seems lik

Just a brief note to update you on our little man. He is wonderful, spoiled but wonderful. He is the king of the house and knows it. We have a daily routine that he is more on top of then us. He looks at us sometime like hey I get my walk NOW. I cannot begin to tell you what he means to us, there are times I am watching TV with him on my chest sleeping and I'll wake him up just to hug and kiss him because I have to. I have become such I goof over this little tiny ball of fur I shock myself. Thank you Jen for the work you and the rest of the organization does, because without you we would not have our Tippy Tip. John has said over and over that without Tippy he does not know what he would have done when Andre left us and he's right. Our little Yorkie saved us, we cried and we hurt but Tippy made it a bit easier. Tell anyone looking to adopt a Yorkie if they doubt for one second it's the right move, e-mail me I'll set them straight. Again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Stephanie

I want you to know that I cant remember what my life was like before Hal. I dont know if Hal or I are happier that he is now part of my family. Hal is one of the sweetest, loving, calm, and funniest dogs I've had. He has learned how to play with Gizzy and Louie, and is quite confident and secure here in is home. Gizzy is doing ok, but I know that she will not see the next Christmas and I will make her days and months the happiest I can. Once that sad day arrives, I will be contacting you again to find another older Yorkie to give a forever home to again. Thank you all for making our lives much happier for Hal and the other dogs you help! Take care and have a wonderful holiday season. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Nancy

I just wanted to let you know how Truman is doing. We decided to keep his original name but sometimes we call him Tru for short. I was really worried about him for the first few days because he slept most of the day and would barely eat. Now he gobbles his meals up really quick. He's so active and really smart. He's even learning to ring the bell to go outside - but he only rings it when he's really desperate to go out at night to chase crickets on the patio. I've found that he can get really wild at night if he doesn't get enough exercise during the day, sooooo, he walks between 1.5 and 2.5 miles a day and occasionally swims in the pool and chases the football as the boys play catch. He loves to play with other dogs and my girlfriend said her lab just collapsed on the floor after playing with Truman. Now he'll even put himself to bed in his crate (which I keep by my side of the bed) at the end of the day. Oh yeah, thanks so much for his bed - Tru loves to nap in it and it's the first place we go to find a missing sock or flip flop. Take Care! Mary

Whew!!! we finally got home..only kidding. The ride home wasn't that bad, we got home around 5. I wish you could have seen Emma's face when Carter barked in the back seat when we got to Jersey. She was like "Are you for real? I thought we left him in PA" It was really nice meeting you. Carter is really cute and full of energy. He follows Emma everywhere, right now they're both asleep at my feet. Emma is playing hard to get but she enjoys chasing him around the yard. Last night they fell asleep together on the couch. We have the doggie steps next to the couch and he follows Emma right up them. We're still deciding what to name him but I think "Frankie" is winning, I don't know where that came from but he answers when I call. Thanks, Joanne P.S. He loves his bed..it's adorable

Thanks for the beautiful puppy! What a treat he is! If only I could remember to call him "Him" instead of "Her" when I talk about the puppy. Mocha doesn't quite know what to think. She barks at the puppy and we try to sssshhh her. I think she is confused and wants the puppy to know this is her house. The girls are loving the puppy and he is so playful with all of us and even wants to play with barking Mocha. He chases after her and wants to play. We all napped a little on the loveseat today and Mocha was calm and quiet. The puppy curled up right next to me. I gave him the Nutra Cal, but he doesn't want to eat. We keep trying. He also doesn't like being put in the kennel we have for him. He barks and barks. But I think he will get used to it. We are back to the puppy phase again and have to recall all that we were careful of with Mocha. We are thinking of renaming him Max Hamilton Fidler. WE like Max because it is short and easy to remember and calling for Mocha and Max is easier to say. We will keep in touch. Just want you to know how pleased we are so far with the new puppy. I hope that you find wonderful homes for all of your dogs real soon! God Bless! The Fidlers

Today is one week since we brought Binky home, and all is going very well. He has the BEST temperment I have ever seen in a dog. He follows me everywhere in the house. I guess by now Dorsey knows that when I go to the basement it is to do laundry, and he doesn't usually bother to follow me, but Binky is right there!! Binky has met all the neighbors (and their dogs), and everyone thinks he is just adorable. Both dogs were lying in the grass this morning while I was washing my car. It was too cute!! I am working on the picture thing, and as soon as we get it mastered, I will be sending pictures along. I can't think of one instance in the past week that I have had to tell him No for anything. We go for walks at least 2-3 times a day and he gets so excited when I get his leash out of the closet. When you walk into my front door, I have a two story foyer, and if you go up the stairs and turn around, the entire wall is mirrored. I have found Binky at least five times at the top of the stairs admiring himself in the mirror. Even he thinks he is cute! Our back yard is pretty large and wooded at the end of the property. I tie the two of them out there, and they will just watch the woods for hours. Thanks again for everything - just wanted you to know Binky is loving his new home. Take care, Melanie

When I got home from work this afternoon Angel ran to the door to meet me but this time she licked my hand and wagged and wagged her tail. John said she was so cute today and moving around quite a lot. He is now doing all the feeding of her and we think this will make her trust him more. I am seeing great progress in her. She is still very shy and fearful of new people and things but there is progress everyday and she is so cute. She sleeps on the bench at the bottom of the bed for part of the night and then in bed. Some nights she and Teddy are snuggled up there together and it is really cute. She is very much attached to the other dogs. Vicki

I just wanted you to know that Roxy is doing really well. She had an infected anal gland, but it's all better now...she is going potty outside really well and is even starting to play with her toys a little...she is a "Velcro" dog...just what we wanted...anytime anyone is sitting down, she has to be on their lap...ill have to send you a pic soon...shes looking really cute with her hair growing out and with a bow in her hair. Thank you for helping match us up with a great pup!

Hi, I went to Lake Galena today. Saw lots of dogs, kids on bikes and skateboards, and people walking and running. I got there in my new car seat. It was fun looking out the windows. I was a very good girl. Sunday I met Ashley, Kyle, and Amber. They're called something like "grandchildren". They fell in love with me--I think it was instant :) Everyone in this family loves me. They think I'm sooo special and sweet. I'm going to try and attach their pictures (taken with me) and also a picture in my new car seat. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for taking good care of me and finding me a forever home. Love, Rosey "Hi" from Rosey's house, I just had to stop what I'm doing to tell you how much I love Rosey. I can't imagine my life without her. I think I needed her as much as she needed me. Thank you again. Love, Arlene

We wanted let you know that Harley {formerly Jordie} is a little angel. We are so in love with him. The minute he came into our lives, it was as if he was always here. We can't even imagine what life was like without him. He gets along with Sasha and Roxie and they even let him sleep in their bed. They have become very protective of him. He is so affectionate and always greets us with a smile and a shake. He only had to wear the belly band for 2 days and already goes potty outside. He is not fond of the leash, but is getting used to it. At night, we put his donut bed on our bed and he sleeps there all night. He was a big hit at Petsmart when we went to get him some soft treats and a few t-shirts. We have introduced him to the family and they have all fallen in love with him too. We are so happy to have met you. You brought us a little blessing and we are very grateful. I have told so many people about you and encourage them to check out your site. Even if they are not is a position to adopt, I tell all of our friends with dogs & cats to buy one of the beds! I can't even begin to express how much admiration we have toward you and Yorkie Rescue Me. You are a guardian angel to these wonderful creatures until they can go to their forever home. Doris & Jason

Things are great! We actually call Rico "Mojo" now, and he responds to his name well. He is a terrific dog! Funny, sweet, affectionate, and very playful. His favorite playmate is our son Donnie (age 22). He and Donnie wrestle and run around and play together alot. They also sleep together alot! He is eating well and going outside for the bathroom. He loves our yard and spends time out there chasing squirrels and leaves, supervised of course. We take him for a ride at least once a week so he keeps his good car behavior. He's excellent on the leash and well-behaved in places like PetSmart. He is getting better with the barking. We just say "Mojo, quiet," and he will stop. Eventually! It's a work in process. But he is such a happy dog. He has gained weight, his eyes are bright, his ears are perked up most of the time, and he even lets me trim his face without a fuss. He really is a joy! Ilene

Thanks so much for bringing Roxy into our lives..She is a wonderful girl! Marge and Dave

It is hard to believe that Charlie has been with us for almost a year! Everyone who has come to know him throughout this past year remarks on how welll he has adjusted. He is far more ready to cautiously check out a stranger and allow himself to be petted than to snarl and snap as he once did, and he is much less timid. Charlie's favorite activity, apart from sitting on my lap and taking walks, is to throw around a rubber squeaky chicken. Much to his delight (and our entertainment) he seizes, bites and shakes it; then in a well-timed move, snaps his head so that the chicken sails across the room! He chases it and starts all over again- so funny to watch! While the name Charlie fits him well, I could call him Shadow as he follows me everywhere; yet he does well by himself at home, sleeping on the sofa pillows in the living room where he has a view of the street. While he can bark, he doesn't. As you can see from his picture, he has grown a beautiful coat. Charlie is the perfect dog! Thank you for helping to bring him into our lives. Linda

Leyla is settling in just nicely- she really is a very sweet little girl. Thanks for all of your help in moving things along and making this happen. Please forward this on and send our thanks to everyone involved. Joanne and Shannon

Wanted to share a few pics of Oscar, Chopper and Louis. Oscar is center in the attached pics and pretty much the center of attention most of the time! I cant tell you how much joy Oscar has brought to our lives. Since he came, Chopper and Louis are more playful; the three of them have so much fun together. I truly feel blessed to have him as part of our family. Thank you! Kathy


Teddie seems happy and is doing well. He's feisty, loving, and playful. We're still working on house training (he hates the rain and snow!). But he picks up other commands really quickly. You can see in the picture that he's trying to escape Emma's arms--it took about 12 shots to get one with all the animals in the frame. He's afraid of the bunny so he kept trying to run away. Teddie's favorite part of the day seems to be walking Emma to and from school because he gets to greet all the kids. He's like a little mayor, especially with his various sweaters and jackets on. You were right that Teddie is perfect for us. He sleeps with Emma and he is a fierce defender of our home! He's also gotten used to my office at work (and he loves college kids too). I think we all feel that he is a full member of our family now. We are so grateful you matched us with him. Warmly, Beth

We adopted Lindy in November of 2008. We already had Lewey who we bought from a breeder as a puppy. When we went to pick Lindy up in Hanover, PA she went with us willingly but almost out of surrender. It was a 3-hour trip up and a 3-hour trip home to Delaware. She shivered for days and we bought her sweaters to wear which she loved. She didn't really bother with Lewey and he didn't bother with her. She would jump off the bed at night and go out to be by herself in the living room. Every time she did this (several times a night) one of us would retrieve her and tell her in this house we all sleep together! About 6 months into her adoption she began ripping up our carpet--not to the point of ruining it but enough to let her mark. It almost seemed as though she was seeing what it would take for us to send her "away." From the beginning she struggled to take a walk in the neighborhood. She barked at every car that went by and every person she saw. Lewey has always loved to meet people and dogs, however, Lindy soon let them know if they came near her she would snap at them. Somewhere along the way she must have realized that we were not giving her up, this was her forever home and we love her more than ever. She calmed down, stopped ripping up the carpet, stopped snapping at people in the neighborhood (she still barks like crazy) and she became the most affectionate, loving, connected, dog that anyone could ever want. She thrives on attention and there is so much personality that she has shown us. Our lives are so much better with our Lindy girl and we love her more than she will ever know. Both her and Lewey are the love of our lives and we would have never imagined that rescuing would have enriched our lives as much as it has. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!!! Bill and Kim, Lewes, DE

Wanted to finally get these "family" photos to you..Roscoe has really adjusted to our homelife. As you can see, he shares really well with Timmy...in his bed. My daughter, Elyssa, came home from college this weekend and was absolutely surprised...I didn't tell her about Roscoe. She absolutely loves him, as does Kevin. Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Robin

Buttons is a doll, and is bonding well with our little Papillon, Echo, and our cat, Indy. When we drove back to Norfolk we stopped at a Burger King and everyone shared some burgers and fries, The drive went well & Buttons acts like she has always lived here. She is smart and energetic. Thank you SO MUCH for letting us adopt her. Elizabeth and Glen

Lilly and I will head to New Rochelle and my boat Fri or Sat, stay aboard at least one night (boat is in the water and I leave minimum heat on all winter) ....then we visit my cousin and his wife for another night in southern CT...Naty knew them by name and would always get VERYy excited when I told her "We are going to visit Jamie and Lisa!!! LISA always let Naty sit on her lap and that is what she liked!!) maybe I'll run the engines at the dock so she hears the sound...some dogs panic and pant, others pay no attention....Naty was scared on the floats at first, would never pass boats exhausts, but never paid any attention to my boat engines.... after a week she would race up and down the floats to visit anybody in sight!!!! Thanks, again for bringing us Lilly, she is happy,exhuberant, and just raced in my office room here (to check on me) with a toy (she stole from Ebony) and tore back out to tease Ebony in chasing her....she sleeps quietly in her beddie at the foot of my bed at night and is quiet until she either hears Nan and Ebony (who also sometimes get up in the middle of the night) or needs to pee/poop..she is a quiet sleeper except for occasional "peeps" in her dreams..Naty used to do that a LOT, with legs flailing in her sleep!!! Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Robin,Nancy,Corey,Lilly,ebony, Boo Face

Dolly is doing wonderful!! We are working on the potty training. She actually is more relaxed with us here, than when we met her. It cracks me up. She sees how Buster lies between our legs, and she copies him. She definitely thinks I am MOM and she follows me everywhere. She is too funny going up the pet steps-- she goes up side-ways and backwards. We slept on the sofa the first two nights (Buster,Dolly, and I). Today we took a nap in my bed. She is not sure what to make of the second floor. She will have a wonderful personality, she is so loving. Thank You, Georgine

The dogs are the dearest and sweetest dogs I could imagine. They seem to have adjusted ok and are already in my heart. They have a real core of sweetness. Thanks once again for helping me get the perfect dogs for me. I am so happy I am sure I must be floating. Kathryn

Just wanted to drop you a line that we are all getting along nicely. Murphy is on the pillow next to me on the couch taking a snooze. Lulu is adjusting to having someone else in the house - she gets better every day! He is such a joy for me and John is thrilled, his best buddy! Will keep you posted. Again thanks to all of you who help these little guys and girls find new homes. All the best! greta

Just thought I would give you an update on the boy. He is doing WONDERFULLY. Recently he has begun to do something he has not done much of 'play'...he now runs and plays with the one other dog here, Toby, a Shitzu...they are 'buds'. He also has a girlfriend "Moxie"...a 65 lb lab that lives down the street. Moxie's Mom 'Sue' is a good friend and we see her a lot. Spyke goes down and goes out into the yard and they kiss each other and play and then Spyke goes on a 'foraging'....while Moxie just sits there and looks and you can almost read her mind "Men!" lol. Don and I bought a condo for winter time in Palm Springs, California. We are leaving in October for a few weeks. Spyke is going with us. We have an in the cabin legal porter for him (all soft sided) and he has been getting 'treats' in it for a couple of weeks to get him use to it. He continues to be the joy of our life...thanks again for trusting us with this precious little guy! Bob/Don & of course, Spyke. :)

It has been less than a week and we are so very grateful for our new pup! We named him Curran or "Currie," a new ID with a new start at life. He learned his name immediately. He has a wonderful disposition, he's very loving and sweet, and extremely smart. He and Seamus get along great. Seamus is not interested in playing with us anymore. The first night home, Currie stretched out under the covers and slept with only his head out and against my shoulder. He keeps me in his sight at all times. He still gets nervous when we get in the car. I know he is unsure about whether he is moving on once again. I take him out with me often so that he will begin to expect to return home again. The other night, we had a very impressive experience with Currie. Seamus likes to get into my bathroom garbage at bedtime if I haven't put the pail out of reach. Of course, I forgot that evening. After telling Seamus "no!" he still was able to grab a plastic cup and take off into the bedroom to play. Currie looked at me, then headed off to play as well. A minute later, Currie returned with the cup in his mouth and dropped it 2 ft. from my feet. Before I recognized what Currie was doing, Seamus snatched the cup again and ran off. Currie went again to retrieve the cup. Finally, Seamus ripped the cup in half. One more time, Currie went and returned with 1/2 of the cup and dropped it on my feet as if to make sure I finally got the point. And of course, Currie went back and retrieved the other part of the cup! I just love him, and can't imagine what took me so long to find him! Thank you again for all of your help. Alison

Just a note to let you know how Sugar is doing. She has finally settled in and is adjusting very well to her new home. Yukie sits by her bed sometimes when she is up to it. They touch noses and smell each other. Sugar respects Yukie and I think she understands that Yuke is older and lets her eat first when she comes to the the food bowl. She will always sit down when she sees Yukie coming. Sage my granddaughter loves her so much. Sugar likes her too and will always sit with Sage if I am up doing something. Sugar will not sit with anyone else but me any other time. She follows me around everywhere. I should have renamed her Shadow!! Dr. Patrick the vet came to see her the other day and said she is in very good health and commented what a lucky little dog she is to have been adopted by us. That is all for now and thanks a whole bunch for everything. Grace

I want to thank you again for all the joy that little Mini has brought to our home and all our lives. She has evolved into an integral and pleasurable addition to our family and has taught us all what the true meaning of love is ! She and Cooper have developed an undying devotion and trust for each other and have shown us the true meaning of love. They walk together, train together and believe it or not TALK together as one. She has found her voice and fears no more, which shows me that none of life's trials cannot be turned into triumphs. She is an amazing and fearlessly determined young lady, proud, and most of all truly grateful for the new life she has been afforded. She smiles all the time now, happily learns new tricks, enjoys the company of dogs at the park and welcomes all guests to our home. ( 34 people for Thanksgiving dinner LOL ). She has also taught me that we can all overcome any and all that life may have to offer, that no matter how awful, tomorrow brings a new day and new hope ! A lesson that I will cherish and treasure for the rest of my life! It took a 7lb dog to wake me up and go past my own frustrations. She has taught an old man how to love again and love unconditionally! She is a little girl with a really big heart and you wouldn’t recognize her if you saw her now. Her heart and her love heals me every day and she inspires me to pursue higher goals and to push myself harder! I have had M.S. for almost 10 years now and not long ago I was in a wheelchair and doomed with an extremely progressive form of that illness. I now walk my two yorkies twice a day and am truly inspired by them to fight hard for my life and my dignity, just as they have overcome…..I know they will show me the way. JUST LIKE MINI…I am no longer afraid….

I wanted to let you know that Bentley (formerly known as "Fisher") is doing very well in his forever home. He gets along magnificantly with our chocolate lab, Dora. They play together all the time and really enjoy each other. When I'm at home Bentley is usually sitting on my lap or following me around, but one time when I was out of town my husband was able to photograph Bentley lying in Dora's bed with Dora. It was so cute! I just wanted to give you and update and say thank you for allowing us to adopt such a sweet dog. We are completely happy with him and he fits perfectly into our lives. ~tammy

Just to update you, we decided to change Queenie's name to Grace which of course is turning into Gracie. And we think it's so fitting because she has been such a pleasure from day one! She's so sweet and loving, as you know. Tonight I gave her a string bean and amazingly she did eat it. I never had a dog that ate vegetables and you should know that I am a devout natural foods person so she is definitely part of the family. You do such a wonderful service and we so much appreciate it. I will try and send you pictures soon. Teri

I still can't believe how fast everything moved from filling out the application to coming home with a little furbaby! I guess when things are meant to be, they happen as they should. Zsa Zsa is incredible, I feel so lucky that she chose me! She has adapted well, jumping up on the couch and rolling over for a belly rub within minutes of being home. She is very playful and loves any and all attention. She only gave a soft bark when Chris came home to let him know that she was here, but once she saw him and realized he would pet and play with her as well, she fell in love with him too! This little spunk of a girl spends hours playing (with tennis balls, squeaky toys, anything she can get her paws on), but the moment we sit down or go to rest, she is right up there stretched across our lap or cuddled up against us ready for her doggie massage. She spent the whole night cuddled up under my arm and woke up to kisses when the alarm clock went off. She has not had any accidents as of yet, she has been very good at going out for nice long walks where she can explore and get to know the other dogs in the neighborhood. We are head over heels for this little girl and it looks like she feels the same for us. Thank you so much for all your help and to the whole Yorkie Rescue organization, this was a match made in heaven! Michelle and Chris

My name is Ernie - I am 6 yrs old and have been with my forever mom and dad for 3 weeks. It was touch and go for me for the first couple of days because I was very frightened in my new surroundings and very depressed. I had some accidents in the house and I wasn't very nice to my new family. I missed my foster mom and my other Yorkie pals but my new mom and dad were very kind and patient and kept telling me I was a good boy (even when I wasn't), and now I am doing GREAT! I didn't know it at first but my new mom loves me very, very much, and now I know she will keep me safe and loved forever and ever. I am really happy to be with her now and take every opportunity to cuddle on the couch with her. And boy is she happy that I don't have accidents in the house anymore. Mom took me to a groomer even though my hair hadn't grown back in yet. It was all cut off after Animal Control found me wandering around, dirty and scared. Now look at me! I am very handsome and I smell good and I am finally in a happy forever home!

Thank you so very much, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love Toby so much, he has been such a good boy, still begging for treats which we have to get today. He really is a dream and I love him so much. We slept together last night-- he made me turn my TV off, which I usually leave on all night. He was so adorable sleeping-- he had me hold him like a teddy bear. I loved it. Thank you so much for making me the happiest I have been in a long time. Lisa

We have added Preston, formerly Beau, to our beautiful family. Preston has adjusted nicely as if he has always been with us. He is a great, loving and friendly Yorkie. Parker has adjusted to his new big brother (they are 7 months apart). They play all day and even share some toys and food together. They even share the family bed. We are all sleeping very well. We thank you so very much for giving Preston to us. He has brought even more joy into out lives. He is so well behaved and such a match for Parker. We have lots of fun with our big and little nuggets, nicknames for the two, as Preston is slightly bigger. We can't wait until we move into our new home with a fenced-in yard so we can run around and play all day. Thank you, Kimberly, Frank, Parker & Preston

Hope you are doing well. Just a note to give you an update on Murray/Naries! He's doing so well, we're proud of his progress and you would be too! We gave him a hair cut today and what a good boy! Just as you said, he stood still - what a gem! This afternoon, we took him for a short ride in the car to the Federal park. There is a nice black top trail and he walked the loop 2 times. He really enjoyed his first road trip. He's napping now! Tomorrow Murray gets a bath and that will be just fine. House-breaking is going extremely well. We take him out every 2 hours and he goes potty. He's still barking in the early am to go outside. We get him from his bed - we go outside and he goes potty. We take him back to his bed and he is quiet until it's time to get up. In time, we are certain this will stop and he will sleep through the entire night. We are so happy to have Murray in our family. He is a beautiful, sweet little Yorkie boy! Take care. Ann, Don, Bennie & Murray Q.

Thank you so much for this little blessing, he is so comfortable, and relaxed. As you said he goes with the flow. We slept together Mikie, Pedro, and me with no problem at all, so far so good. He went to the door and asked to go potty last night and so far all is well. He taught Mikie to go on the deck and I was thrilled. Mikie seems to really like him and I am giving them their own space. You did a great job and should be proud of your little buddy, I think he was meant for us. I really love him already and will try to be the best parent I can be. Please keep in touch and I'll give you updates. I understand that all of you had a hand in this guy and God bless you for your great work. Mikie and Pedro are on the bed together watching me send the email like they have been together forever. Take care, and we'll keep in touch Carol P.S. Mikie thinks that Pedro gave him that beautiful bed and he lays in it and Pedro lays in his.

It was a pleasure to meet you today. Thank you for Jax - he's such a sweetie! We went to Petsmart this afternoon. He rode well in his bed on the backseat. :) He was great in the store with the kids that approached him, but not so keen with the dogs! He met some birds-which intrigued him greatly (he tried biting the glass to get to the parrot)! He's such a people dog! He's happily sleeping in our bed right now. Any other spot just wouldn't do. Thanks for reaching out and bringing him to us. He seems to be fitting right in! Warm regards - Margaret

Please post this picture to let everyone see how you blessed Kevin, Nancy, Hailee, and Gizmo's lives. Sortie, who is now known as Spanky, has had a few minor pee accidents but is a very loving Yorkie that truly fits well into our family. Hailee our daughter is overjoyed and so thrilled. We will keep updating you. Thank you so much. The Ullrich Family

We are so happy to have Rosco (formerly Slavco) join our family. Our three girls are so excited and have been taking Rosco around the neighborhood,and introducing him to all of their friends. He has been with us for almost two weeks now and he is such a good boy. He loves all the attention he is getting from all of our family, especially playing fetch with all of his new toys. We are so happy we got involved with such a great organization, thanks to Doris and Jason Babat. We also want to thank Gloria for matching us up with Rosco. We truly love him!!! The Derrick Family

We just wanted to give you an update on Andy. He's been a wonderful addition to our lives, and has assimilated really well over the last four months. He has gained so much confidence and we are very proud of him; he has learned to walk down stairs unassisted, and he loves to sleep in the bed with us. He has such an amazing personality, and the three of us have a lot of fun walking, driving, and hanging out together. Andy has a few friends in the neighborhood, and really enjoys our early morning and evening walks when he gets to socialize. As you know William is a police officer, so I took little Andy to a police community event, and he fell in love with a huge female German Shepherd K9! He is definitely ready for a brother or sister to spend his time with.

Bentley here, formally Beckham. Bentley is such a good dog, and does something almost everyday to make me laugh. such a little character he is. He has been with me now for about 7 months. He has adjusted great, we still have a little bit of a barking problem, but getting better by the day. I must say this, RESCUEMEYORKIE is the best adoption agency I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Everyone there are truly wonderful people.. I cannot thank you enough for allowing Bentley to come into my life. Kisses to all... Joy

Just a quick note to update you on Pickles (Possibly aka Winston or Winnie). We made a couple of stops on the way home and he used his harness just fine. He slept most of the way home. He took his first trip to Petsmart last night and got many things which included his first life vest for the boat. It is so little! He also got some new toys which he seems to be enjoying and he got a sun visor which says "Trust me ladies I am your type". It is such a new thing for us - he is a chick magnet! He has been exploring the house and doesn't seem at all intimidated. We are headed for the boat shortly but I wanted you to know that he is doing well! We love him already!

I just wanted to give you the update on Mocha Latte. We got him fixed and microchipped the other week. He's doing great. He is the spunkiest cutest little thing ever. and words cannot even express how in love i am with this dog. I'm so convinced that him and i are meant to be. He's so smart and reads peoples feelings so well, and adores people. He's really growing up. He's getting kind of goofy looking but still oh so adorable (: Sky

We are so thrilled to have Ashley (Blossom) as part of our new addition to our family. She and Cody are inseparable. Ashley has decided that she loves Cody's bed better then her's so we switched. He does not mind. I love to watch them groom one another. She is adjusting very well and plays most of the day with Cody when she is not napping. We have lot's of toys so they are both very busy at play. Steve and I think of her as our little girl. She has a wonderful personality and loves to cuddle next to me. (No worries...we don't let them in the back yard with out us to surervise). Thanks to Yorkie Rescue Me.

Turbo (we may call him “Turner”) is doing wonderfully well. He came in the door and simply became part of the menagerie. After one initial tinkle in his belly band, his wrap has been completely dry. He’s sniffed noses with the cats and shows no interest in chasing them in the house. He already has me trained to feed him kibble mixed with cooked broccoli. He will, however, eat the plain kibble if fed by hand. His digestion and bladder are functioning just fine. To see him running around the yard is like watching joy in motion. Despite his days as a stray and whatever hardships he endured, Turbo loves life and is a sweet and trusting little boy. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all you do! Daryl & Chris

We adopted our dear Yorkie, Sophii in October of 2009. She is doing GREAT! This fall we finally beat the demodex mange that just lingered and lingered. I have dropped my gym membership as I loving walking and walking her! I have a totally new appreciation for the seasons because of her. She is quite the “doll” of the neighborhood and is a good sport when we layer her in various seasonal outfits. She hasn’t taken to clips in her hair, but boy is she otherwise trainable! She responds to many, many commands. We adore our dear Sophii! We had never owned a dog before, yet now we can’t imagine our lives without her! What a joy, what a cutie.

We decided to call Abby 'Ebbie.' It sounded similar but we thought of how many changes she has gone thru and since she's now living at the shore, and just as the tide changes, so do things in life, thus Ebb-Tyde, shortened to Ebbie! We absolutely LOVE HER!! We already had her professionally groomed and she has been to the vet. The DR. said she was in great health, and, even tho she was not due for any shots we wanted her to have an official visit with her new parents. Ebbie has adjusted very well. She has never had an accident in the house . She is always overwhelmed to greet Ernie or me upon our return. My daughter visits every so often with her dog (Boston Terrior) and they get along fine. We even take them on walks together. Ebbie loves getting in our truck and driving on the beach. She likes playing in the sand, where her curiosity is totally engaged. We always keep her leashed when not in our house. (She is a wonderful leash walker, too). Two weeks ago we drove to South Carolina and Ebbie went with us. We set up the back of our car for her and she traveled like a pro. Never did she complain. We found a pet-friendly condo and had a great time. If you do keep in touch with her former parents, please assure them that Ebbie is being very LOVED and SPOILED! She has made our family complete!! We couldn't be happier with her!!!! THANK YOU again for matching us! Kathie

I am sitting on my couch with Poochie laying beside me, Molly is laying beside him, and Pugley is curled up on his bed on the floor. You would think that Poochie has always been a member of our family. Honestly, I can't believe how well he is fitting in. Poochie is amazing. He slept on my lap for most of the trip home. When we arrived home, he was welcomed by Molly and Pugley. There was a lot of mutual sniffing, but no one growled. Molly, of course, has been a little jealous of the attention I give to Poochie, but she is handling it. Poochie ate all of his dinner and has been pottying outside. He slept on my lap for about an hour this evening as I watched TV. He has not barked since he has been here. He is incredibly calm and certainly not anxious as you might expect a dog to be when he is introduced to his new home. I don't believe I could have found a better match. Thank you so much for getting in touch with me about Poochie. I feel like he was meant to come live with us. I'll keep you posted about his new life and send you some pictures soon. Sincerely, Essie

Lexi is doing great, and as you said, she adjusted right away. She was excellent in the car and has adapted to her new home so quickly. She ate well and is going up and down the stairs (yes, they're carpeted) and checking the place out! In the car, Kelly was so happy that she cried. Thank you again for everything. Best, Andi

Our trip home was uneventful. Once I got them home I took them into the fenced yard by themselves and Amote went to the bathroom right away. I then let a couple of my dogs out with them for about 15 minutes before introducing all of them. They all hit it off fine and as of right now all is well! I am so thankful I found your website and was able to give these two precious babies a forever home.

Just a quick note to let you know we are in heaven. The two babies are adapting very well. Needless to say, Minnie basically owns the house already and moves around like she was always here (in charge). She has to be the most mellow dog around. Izzy will not leave Janet and is definitely all boy -- hunter and watch dog. He is still adapting to all the new stuff and cannot get enough love and touches -- which we are more than willing to give. As you can tell, we are so thankful for all both of you did for us. A big hole in our lives was filled by two very sweet guys. Our heart is still healing but they were the exact medicine needed. We will give you more updates as we go. You folks are doing a beautiful thing for dogs as well as we humans (i.e., dog support systems). God bless, Janet and Gary

Lennox is so wonderful, I have no words for it. We are in such a routine in a months time, we are overjoyed. They play ALL day long and he has been house trained from about the first week. My vet fell in love with him when we took him for his booster. He said he had the best temperament he has ever seen, he practically handed him each paw to cut his nails. It seems like he has been here forever. I am so glad we decided to go with him. They are so protective of me during the evening, they attacked my dad one night when he was in town visiting, when he tried to enter my room at night. I loved it! He sends you many doggy licks. Brenda

Gracie (formerly Sissy) is the social director in the house - she's constantly checking on everyone, making the rounds to all of the rooms, always involved with everything that's going on. She's incredibly alert and doesn't miss a thing. She's highly entertained by the squirrels in the back yard and was fascinated (maybe too much so) by my goldfish in the aquarium. Gracie wanted to know if it was a "vermin" I wanted her to get rid of, but I told her that Sunflower was our friend and everything's been okay since then. Willy is the lovebug of the two - he's either curled up on my lap or close by. He makes sure I'm never lonely or in lack of company and is always quick with a kiss to let me know he loves me. He did have cross words with a fire hydrant this morning but he will get lots of exposure to new things and will soon be one of the most confident dogs around. They're both just the sweetest dogs and I couldn't imagine my life without either one! Lynn

We are doing FANTASTIC! Brody (nee Ethon) couldn't be better and to be honest, we couldn't imagine our lives without him! He adjusted to us and our house right away and now he is connected to me at the hip. He follows me everywhere I go, but definitely loves Chris just as much. He may be my shadow during the day, but he only wants Chris at nighttime and snuggles up to only him in bed. Oh, and I almost forgot-that tongue! His tongue is out at all times and you can tell he's getting sleepy when just the little tip is peeping out. He sleeps through the night that way; too precious! He has a schnauzer cousin who lives just 10 minutes away and they are best friends. They just love each other and can play until they fall down exhausted. His cousin has also gotten him into scarves, which he now can't go without. We put them around his little neck and he struts around so proud. You were exactly right, he is a total sweetheart, loves to play, and adores affection. He is the perfect match, thank you for picking him! We hope to run into you and all the other yorkie rescues at your upcoming events. Please keep us posted, we would love to see you! Warm regards, Ashley, Chris and Brody

The first night went really well.  He is a cutie!!!!!  We just love him and my daughter met him today. She thinks that he is great. It is her birthday today, so it turned out to be a very happy day for her. I will keep you updated. We did change his name, though, to Scottie. He seems to like it!  Thanks again.

Cappy and KoKo are doing great. I think today is our best day. They are so very settled in our home. They know they are here to stay and are so very loved. My husband, Rich and I are totally in love with them. They have wonderful personalities, and every day they teach us something new. KoKo is blossoming and is quite active. Rich and I insist that Cappy floats when he walks. He's got attitude. I can't believe he was so neglected. I can tell he probably didn't get much human contact, and now, well, it never stops. I haven't been to work since we brought them home. I can't get myself to go to work to separate myself from them for that long. I am jealous my hubby will be home with them all day. I want to thank you for everything you did for us to enable us to get these two precious loves in our life! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! Regards, Carol Ann, Rich, KoKo and Cappy

I thought that you might like to see the pictures that I just took of Miss Cana. She has her new birthday monkey in her mouth as she is perched on the pillows and she and Bandit are waiting patiently for their treat. We have gotten so much enjoyment from her. She definitely has her own personality. She pretty much runs the show. When we go for our walks she is always way out in front. My neighbors oooh and aaaah over her. Some think that she is a puppy. She certainly acts like one. Last night she chased a squirrel up a tree! Best regards, Cathie

Willy and Gracie met Santa tonight. We have a lovely historic district in downtown Corning and there's a beautiful little house in the park where you can get pictures with Santa. It was very cold out, so we wrapped them up tight for the trip - I think they enjoyed the adventure. I thought Willy would be scared, but he was fine and Gracie even kissed Santa on the lips (which surprised Santa!). It's hard to tell, but Gracie is wearing a Mrs. Claus dress and Willy a Santa suit. They were on their best havior and told Santa that Christmas came early for them this year with their new homes. We're going to try and get some better pictures of their outfits and I'll forward them on to you. Have a great rest of your evening, Lynn, Willy and Gracie

I just wanted you to know that Dumplin is doing great and we all love her with all our hearts. How anyone could leave her go is unbelievable. She has barked only once since she has been here and I missed it! She has the run of the house and has a great curiosity about all the new places where she can sniff and explore. She just loves my wife and follows her every place she goes and my wife loves her just as much!! She gets along great with Penny and Buttons! The only problem I had with her was when feeding time came around. She felt it was all for her, but within 3 or 4 days that problem ended and now she understands that the other dogs have their food also. Tomorrow is grooming day, we have a portable groomer that comes to the house that we have known for a long time!! She is just so docile and laid back that she fits right in like she has been here forever, I will send you a photo after her grooming so you can see how happy she is. Also I would like to help your cause any way that I can! I love animals,especially dogs, and will do anything I can to help you. Bill

Just a note to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! I thought you would like to have a little up date on Frankie, It has only been a short time that he is with us.. but it feels as if he has always been in our family.... He has handle every holiday wonderful. On Halloween he was alittle confused at first but then he got the hang of it... we had 28 for Thanksgiving Dinner .. Frankie was a good host...guarding the Turkey with pride... On Christmas Eve He waited for Santa patiently... Loved his Xmas gifted, was a gentlemen for Xmas dinner.. he did not once try to peek under the Xmas tree.. News Years came and went with out a hush ( Bark)! Frankie shares his love with all of the family.. he loves going from one lap to another. Joe and Anthony do not live at home.. but when they come to visit.. Frankie knows who his family is, he is waiting lots of kisses.... He is a good guard dog.. you can not come into our home with out getting the Frankie test first!.. HE will decide if you can enter or not... Frankie has filled a void that our family was feeling after the loss of our Vinnie. Frankie is a joy, he has brought lots of love and laughter back into our household. Thanks again for everything! L&K's & Licks

Honey (on the far right) and I wanted to update you on how her three YRM brothers are doing! On the left, in the red sweater, is Tuffy! We adopted him at age 12 and he is now age 15 and still very much in charge of all of us. He is slowing down, of course, but still alert, enjoys his daily walks, still loves all food and treats, and still a great snuggler (and burglar alarm!). Right behind him is Woody, our puppymill rescue. He has come so far you wouldn’t recognize him! This poor frightened little guy who was scared of grass, wind, trees (i.e., everything!), including me, is now my bestest boyfriend EVER who snuggles into my hip, enjoys exploring nooks and crannies on long walks, and goes crazy silly happy when I get home. And our latest arrival Beckett – well, he’s more personality than brains! Reminds me of the cute surfer dude who you know will never have a real job but is so much fun to be with you still bring him home to mom. Beckett has more nicknames than the others – “the monkey” when he jumps on the back of the couch and slides down into your lap; “the worm” when he wiggles his way up the side of the kitchen chair and into your lap in hopes of stealing your dinner; and a few other names too silly to admit to! All three of our boys, however, are natural gentlemen and take good care of Honey, who, of course, expects nothing less. Even though she gets a little growly at them sometimes, none of them have ever picked on her or squabbled back. Many times, Don and I will be sitting or walking with them and say, “Man, we’re lucky to have these four.” Thank you to YRM for making our family possible!

We are so happy with Spencer and Izzi - they have brought alot of happiness our way. They are doing very well and seem to be very happy here. They recently had a wellness check-up at the vet and all is well. Would you believe Spencer weighs 6lbs. now. (Remember, he weighed 3.5 lbs. back in September). The vet said he's a good weight now. He also said we got ourselves two great dogs!!! He thought they both had great personalities. We've taken advantage of the nice weather lately and have gone on walks on the bike trail. You would think that Izzi has been walked on a leash all her life. She walks right beside me and enjoys every second of it. She walks so proudly. Spencer walks some too, but I end up carrying him in a pouch because he gets excited and starts his honking. He still has a good time too. They also love the beds you sent home with them, especially Spencer. He stretches himself out in it often. I've sent you a few pictures. We think everything they do is so precious, so we have ended up taking lots of pictures. Let me know if you don't get them. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Later, Marty

I am sorry it took so long to get these pictures to you. I have been a busy bugger lately. But be assured Mimi is doing fantastic. She fits in so well with the family. Mimi is part of our family now. I love her and I am so glad I got her. Now that the snow is melting she is wandering around the yard more checking it out. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will send more when I get them. "SAM"

Hello! We are doing great and loving our little Bella Adira Horne. She has just blended in so well with our family. She has done outstanding with housebreaking and we have even taught her to "sit" to get a treat. She and I walk the girls to the bus stop and pick them up each day and on the weekend she goes to soccer games and mingles with the other family dogs. She has an outfit for everyday of the week! We absolutely love her!!! We feel so lucky to have been blessed with such a sweet little dog.

Quick update on Kami and Spike: Kami has fit in just beautifully with our family. He and Spike get along tremendously, and the cat has accepted their presence with unusual feline grace. We vacationed in Cape May this past week. We took the dogs and were very surprised when Kami turned out to be the one who wanted to sit quietly and watch the water. Spike, on the other hand, went nuts when my husband and his brother started throwing the frisbee. Spike just kept running back and forth between them barking and carrying on. Spike's still not a toy guy or a dog who does a lot of playing. But bring out a frisbee and he just runs and runs and runs, with this look of incredulous joy on his face. We all keep learning and adapting and having a lot of fun doing it. In our minds, we've had the dogs forever and can't imagine what we'd do without them. Take care Karen

I can't tell you how much we LOVE Yonkers! He has made such a positive change in our lives! Dan has lost 25 lbs walking him....he takes him to work the 2 days we were going to put him in puppy daycare. Today, since it was such nice weather, we took him to the Dog Park. We stayed for an hour and 1/2....mostly because he's so shy it took him that long to start interacting with the other dogs. They have 2 sides-BIG dog and Little dog. He's VERY smart. I have him "waiting" before crossing the street, and before he comes into the house. He has a squeaker hedgehog he adores. He brings it to bed with him! LOL!!! I've been reading some dog training books. One suggests you create a "safe" place for them to feel they can go, especially if you're not crating. So I've been working on him "staying" for longer periods at a time and "waiting " until I call for him. He can wait for over 2 minutes now. I honestly can't say enough how much I love Yonkers! He's been such a joy! Don't be surprised if I talk Dan into getting a 2nd in a year or so. Maybe you should warn me about the joys or horrors of 2. I know I could never foster...I'd keep them all! Thanks again! Claire

Just wanted to send you an update on Spencer. He has fully adapted to us now. Love to go on walks and play with his ball (see photo). The other picture was taken at work. He is good at sleeping during the night and is just a joy to be around. Samantha is still the Queen Bee and if Spence is sleeping in one of the beds and she wants to get in that bed, she'll just stand in front of him and bark. He quickly gets out for her. When he wants to go out in Southampton, he goes to the back door and looks out and then looks up to us so that we will open the door for him. We're fully fenced in, so we let him out to do his stuff and then he runs back in. Not too much of an eater any more. He's put on weight but now that he knows he gets fed regularly, he doesn't really eat till around 4pm. He'll pick during the day, but it's not that important to him. He does love his biscuits however. He's a pleasure and so happy that we decided to adopt him. Thanks. Alan & Marc

Whyatt is on my lap as I am typing this. He is now in his forever home. He is a sweet little boy and Teddy & Kiki are being very gentle with him. We are making him comfortable and he is feeling at home here already! The ride home was uneventful. Everyone slept but, me of course. (lol) He gives Mom and I his gentle sweet kisses and Teddy & Kiki are behaving exceptionally well. I am soooo proud of my fur kids. We are in heaven. Thank you - Rescue Me Yorkie - for all the great work you do!!!! I will keep you posted. Linda & the gang

We had such a wonderful experience today picking up Ty. He has been a pleasure all day! He rode great in the car on the way home. We took him for 2 long walks so far, fed him his "dinner," gave him his 2nd pill today, and now he is just pooped sitting with Jeff on the couch. He is truly a great dog. He hasn't barked or reacted to any other dogs, squirrels, or noises. He definitely responds to his name and our stern "NOs" when he goes to bite at his castration boo boos. : ) Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a nice dog. I truly admire you and your husband for all the work you do to help these darling dogs. Thank you so much for the picture too...it came out really nice Love, Gina and Jeff

Augie has really become so close to us now. He still has some travel anxiety but he’s doing much better. He has beds in every room of both houses now, and he uses them all. I’m attaching a picture of him hanging out on the beach in Sanibel. Thank you for all you do.

Ariel is doing very well with us. She has made herself at home. Her and Phoebe get along very well. She is a very good eater and enjoys being with us wherever we are in the house. She is a very lovable little dog, and we are very happy that she is part of our family. Joe and Rose

Savannah lost her first mom to cancer and suddenly found that she needed someone new to spoil her. Here is a message from Savannah's new mom, Cindy: Hello, Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Savannah, she is adapting well. She is playing with her toys we got her - she catches her one toy and brings it back to Randy and I. She sleeps all night with me and hasn't wet the bed yet, lol Good girl. It's funny though with her food you gave us she picks out the peas and sits them on the floor beside her bowl, lol. Wanted to also let you know that I am actually walking her very nicely now in the yard not her walking me! lol Think we are ready tomorrow night for the street walk maybe we will graduate to the park by Saturday. She is great, she has met some of my family and has let them hold her she is wonderful. Thought I would send you a picture of her that my son took with his phone. He just loves her too she is sitting on his lap right now watching Discovery Station, lol.

Herbie was an owner surrender who loved him and knew it would be best for him to be an only dog. Here is a note from Herbie's dad, Tim: We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how thankful we are that places like Rescue Me exist and for having Herbie come into our lives. Herbie has settled in very nicely and absolutely loves his new home. He had a little trouble with house training at first, but now he’s doing very well. His toy aggression is doing better, but we continue to work with him on this. He’s does well with toys that he doesn’t value as much, but the high value ones continue to be an issue. We bought the book, “Mine!: A practical guide to resource guarding in dogs” to help with his toy issue, and it has been invaluable. After the death of our first love, Mopsy, we needed the love of a dog once again to help take away the emptiness in our hearts and Herbie was just the medicine we needed! Anyway, thanks again so much!

Here are some pictures of Trixie! She has come a long way in the past 15 months, as I'm sure you will see by the photos! She smiles and is a much happier little dog. Last June she even went on vacation to the beach with us for a week! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy her! Take care, Diane & Trixie

Joey aka Sonny is the best pup, ever. He has made such a difference in my life and in all the lives around him. I am so glad I was able to have the chance to foster Joe and then adopt him. How lucky am I!!!

Buster is doing amazing adjusting to his “not so new” family and house. He loves Joe particularly. He has been very social with our friends when they visit our house or when we go visit them (and they all adore him of course!). He loves to say hello to other dogs in the neighborhood and has never barked at any of them. We are now trying to teach him to be more comfortable with our courtyard where he doesn’t like to spend too much time so far. Joe and I smile at the mere thought of him and are so happy to have him with us. Thank you so much for your help. Sandrine

Annie was a Puppy Mill survivor and this is the latest from her mom, Pat: Annie has added a lot to our family, she and Rudy get along well. Rudy is teaching Annie a lot of new things - she is working hard on her potting training and when Rudy wants outside, she goes right along with him. My son Josh and Ashley my (daughter-in-law) were in for thanksgiving and they fell in love with Annie. It is going to take time for her to not run away when you come towards her but she is getting better. She always turns her front paws under her boby if you touch them - we think someone might have hurt her in some way, but we know in time and lots of love she will come around because we have already seen improvements.

I don't honestly know where to start as I have so much warmth in my heart for your organization. From your foster care parents to your intake people to reference checkers (not sure of the titles so please revise as needed), I have found your organization to be top notch. I found my two wonderful boys (Manny and Jordy) on your website around Thanksgiving of this year and instantly feel in love with them. I started the application process (which proved to be quite thorough and rigorous - as it should be) and spoke to the foster parent of Manny and Jordy and the more I heard about these two adorable Yorkie/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix puppies (who are 10 months old and from the same litter) the more I wanted to give them a wonderful loving home to be raised in. I was so fortunate to be chosen as their adoptive mom! (continued under Manny) The boys are well adjusted and very well behaved thanks to their original owner and their Rescue Me - Yorkie Rescue foster parent who had them on an excellent routine so they would thrive in a stable, loving and caring environment. The day I picked them up was one of the happiest days of my life! They have brought such joy to my life and have touched all of the lives of my friends and family already. I can't thank her and your organization enough for truly going the extra mile to love these boys and find them a happy home. I am so thankful that the boys were in such a great place before they were given to me! Forever thankful, Deanna

Missy is doing wonderfully. She seems extremely happy and content. Here is a pic of her and Harley playing tug of war together. She still hates thunder and lightning but accidents are limited during those times. She loves the visits to the country and recognizes where we are when approaching our friends house. She absolutely loves the pool. She independently walks up and down the ladder when it is down. This makes me nervous so I always have an eye on her. She got so excited when Gary was splashing she ran around the deck and literally shoved Harley in because he was in her path. She enjoys hanging out on the floaty with me. She is truly my little girl. You where right about everything you thought and with your observations of her. I am so happy I listened to you. She is perfect for me and I for her. Hope your summer is going well. Take care and my best to you, your hubby and everyone there. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VOLUNTEERS AT RESCUE ME YORKIE RESCUE FOR YOUR COMMITMENT, DEVOTION TO THE CAUSE AND THESE LITTLE JEWELS. YOUR WORK AND COMPASSION ARE INVALUABLE. Fondly, Gary, Ginna, Missy and Harley

Pekoe is adjusting well. He lets me know when he wants out and he was quite comfy sleeping with me last night. I already got him a harness, dog bowl and 2 gates for between the doors. He seems to feel like he's right at home already. He's even giving kisses, which he wouldn't do yesterday. The trip home yesterday was fine.He did well. He slept on my and Joe's lap. I know that he was truely meant to be ours. Thank You again. Debbie

Trooper was put in a shelter because his owner didn't want to take the time to housetrain him. Here's the latest from his new mom: Just thinking of you and your Yorkies. Went on your site and of course would like to have them all. Trooper has been more of a friend then I could have ever imagined. I just can't understand anybody giving this little boy up. He has already done alot of traveling, camping and even went to his first Nascar race. And of course, he wanted to attack all the big dogs and cars at the track. I think he has had alot of fun since he has been here. I hope to adopt a little girl some day. I hope that everything is going well with your little ones. Talk later, Lori

Our sweet little Woody was dropped in a night box at a WV shelter. When he was picked up by our rescue, he was covered in fleas who had eaten most of his hair. Here is the latest from his wonderful new family who is spoiling him like he deserves: Woody has adjusted quite well and we are having a ball with him. Everyone loves him dearly - he is just too cute. We are so lucky to have him. Thanks again for choosing us for Woody. In friendship, Denise, Tony, Kaity, Ana and Woody.

Sam is doing great! He is out of his diapers. He is very happy here with all of his toys and big backyard. He loves everyone who comes over to see him, and he even spent time alone with my husband last night. He wanted to sleep in Frank's room, but we took him to ours. The first night was a little much- he didn't want to sleep. But he has calmed down a lot. He is a very smart boy as far as housebreaking is concerned. I am very happy about that. I need to work on him with the trainer so that he comes, stops, etc. We have musical bedrooms here- sometimes my husband needs to work late at night or watch tv- so he stays in the guest room. Sometimes, my daughter falls asleep in my room. Sam seems to want to sleep where Franco the Maltese sleeps. I want Sam with me, especially because he may need to go outside. He knows that the kitchen side door is where we let him out. He went there the very first night at 4am. That is why I am saying he is sooo smart. He is the best! Thanks so very much for placing him in our house. Please stop by whenever you can!

When Scrappy's family didn't want him anymore, they left him at the groomers. Here's a note from Scrappy's new mom: Scrappy is doing just fine. He is having a great time with the kids. He loves when we go to the park. He's still a little nervous about going in the car, but he's getting better. I want to thank you for giving my family and I the opportunity to adopt Scrappy. He's been a great joy to have around and a postitve plus to our family. Thanks to the Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue League. I hope that all the yorkies that come to your rescue will have the same opportunity as Scrappy and I did. Thank You, Michelle and family

To say thank you seems to be so little. You say thank you when someone opens a door or shares a ride. What do you say to some one who fixes a broken heart. You made it possible for our family to be complete again. The thought of your willingness to help a family from Dover Pa, and a puppy from Mass find each other simply leaves me in a puddle of mush. If I were to search the rest of my life, I don't think I cold find more happiness than I have right now. My heart is swollen to its max. Rocky came down beside me in my studio as I was signing on, and started to cry. I picked him up and put him on my lap, he is there now. Very happy and content. He was a real trooper riding home. He sat looking out the window the whole way home, except for a little nap on Tyler's lap. Now he has moved behind me, still in my chair and is sleeping....Bless his little heart. He has asked to go out twice since we got home, walked Danny's loop to the foot. He even sat on his favorite spot on back of the couch. It's almost like he knows. I know we can never replace Danny, but this little guy takes the pain away. He has some big shoes to fill, but I think he is up to the challenge. I hope his absence doesn't cause your family any pain. I assure you that we will do ALL we can do to make him happy, and never forget the wonderful people that put us together. And at the end of the day, as little as it seems to be, THANK YOU is best I can come up with to say. Thank you for welcoming us into your home. Thank you for all that you did to find Rocky a home, and Thank you for giving us the opportunity to feel whole again. We will keep in touch and good luck in the future finding other pooches happy homes. If the rest go as well as this one did, you may have found your calling. Your friends for ever, Pam, Wayne, Tyler & Rocky

Last night was the first night and I only had to get up once to let my babies out. Whenever Samantha has to go out, she will bark and then lead me to the back door. Gizmo seems to understand now and he is right there with Samantha. They are wonderful together, and I am so happy that Gizmo is part of our family. They are sleeping right next to each other on the bed at night. Thank you soooooooooo much for bringing Gizzy into my family. I love him. Talk to you soon, Max

It was love at first sight! Dobin is amazing. I think he really enjoys having company all day. No more crates for Dobin. He loves to take walks and found his spot in our bed his first night. Dobin loves his new fenced in yard and has found a favorite spot in our foyer where he can get morning sun and keep tabs on the comings and goings of our neighborhood. He loves to be brushed and is even letting me brush his teeth. John and Payton love playing ball with Dobin and rubbing his belly. There is no more car sickness, he is riding in style in a dog car seat and loves to take short rides. We feel so blessed to have found you and to have Dobin in our family. Melissa, Steve, John & Payton

Lacey came from an owner who loved her very much but knew that circumstances were changing and that she needed a different home. Here's the latest from Lacey's (now Gracie) new mom: Just wanted to let you know how much I love Gracie (that's her new name -- I tried to keep it as close to Lacey as possible) and how well she is adjusting to her new life here in Maryland. We walk together about 4 or 5 times a day, and she has made friends with a male Corgi whom I walk 4 days a week while his owner is at work. They make a good team -- always on the lookout for squirrels! She has gained back some of her weight (she was 8-1/2 lbs as of yesterday), has a good appetite, and sleeps well. She usually starts out the night on the big dog bed I have in my bedroom, and then at some point in the middle of the night she wakes me up to hop up in my bed and keep me company for the rest of the night. I keep the bed you made for her next to my computer desk so that she can nap while I'm on line (which is what she's doing right now). I can't thank you enough for getting Lacey/Gracie into my life! Maureen

Rescue Me helped our Sean and we are so appreciative. He's such an important part of our lives. At this time of the year we always give gifts to special people in our lives, now including Rescue Me. Sean is a happy guy who has made our lives so much richer. He's so good, always letting us know when he needs to go "out" and never does anything in house that we have to clean up. He allows me to "sleep in" in the morning, waiting until I'm dressed for his morning outing. He snuggles on my lap and gives many special Yorkie kisses. To say we adore him is an understatement. It's unconditional love for all of us; Sean, my husband, and me. Lisa, his foster mom, continues to be an important part of his life. We keep in touch often, as I keep her up-to-date on his development and antics. (I always say that Sean has two moms!) I often take pics of Sean which I send on to Lisa to enjoy. I'm attaching a few for your enjoyment. Again, thanks for all you do for so many special little Yorkies (and other dogs). Your generosity is appreciated by so many!

Rosie came from an owner who couldn't accept that she wasn't housetrained. Here is a note from her new mom: Rosie is doing wonderful! She got a haircut, nails trimmed, and a bow. I have two names for the dental work. I will call them Monday to get the work done that she needs. Thanks so very much for everything you did for her and all the little ones that come your way! My husband and I feel blessed, and she loves us! Debra Thank You Again, Debra and Dave

Just wanted to send you an update on Macy. Its been less than 6 months since I brought her home. She's a very loving and content pup, still smart as a whip. She and Zoey (the poodle) have settled in nicely. They are best buddies as you can see from the photos below. We had our 1st Pool party of the year and while neither of the girls swim, the multiple laps and attention tired them out. The pictures were taken the next day - they couldn't get off the couch. Macy still announces all visitors or others within 30 feet of the house but now its only a few short barks. Macy received her 1st real grooming about 3 weeks ago, Donna Anderson said she was a well behaved pup although more of a armful than Donna's used too. Macy is happy and healthy, the vet feels she's fine so we aren't stressing about her weight. She loves her long walks (more than 2 miles sometimes) and racing in the yard after toys only. For a while she was chasing Zoey but poor Zoey she just can't handle all that activity. She had to hide behind the recycle bin to recover before she came out for the next round. I check the adoption board regularly and wish I could take in every pup there...the service everyone at Rescue Me provides to these homeless pups in unbelievable. You are all angels - Macy really appreciates it. Thank you again for sharing the love with our family. Donna, Jack, Shayne, Macy & Zoey

Hi - We just want to let you know that we are in love with Ollie. He was perfect on the ride home and adapted to his new home within two hours. He has already had two walks in our cul-de-sac and met our neighbor. He is a smart little boy and is already taking our lead. He had a little kibble and some water and did his business outside. He has sniffed every square inch of our house. We are all ready for bed! Thank you and we will be in touch! Best regards, Cheryl and Gretchen PS: We have already acknowledged that we will be obnoxious parents. Oh well... it's all about our dog!

Pepper Jack was in a home with a small child and it wasn't working out. He is now in a home where it is a perfect fit and now called Jake: Here's lil Jake on his favorite raft in the pool. He's the greatest, funniest little dog. My wife, son, and I could not imagine our lives without him. His birthday just passed a few weeks ago, and my wife's sisters had a little party for him presents and all.

Things are going very well with Cody. He is doing very well, and has adopted well to our style of life. My wife (who never had a dog) is really thrilled with him. He has a few quirks (as I am sure all dogs do). He likes to sleep under our bed (I guess he likes caves). And he does not seem to like other dogs. Other than that, he is A+. Thanks for checking up on us. And thanks for all of your efforts. Cody is a great addition! Regards, Peter

Just a little note to let you know how the boys are doing. Cruzer is eating normally now, but Cassie, not so much. Cassie did eat his dog food two nights ago, but that is it. He seems to prefer the bushes in the back yard for his meals, although my husband and I are trying to break him of that habit. They are doing better on our evening walks, now making it about a block and a half without too much difficulty. Cassie is better on a leash than Cruzer, but we're working on that. Both boys are starting to know the kids in the neighborhood. While walking the other night, Cassie fell in love with two young teenage girls who stopped to pet him and another neighbor friend brought by her 8 year old son yesterday and Cassie let him pet him for about an hour. It was so cute. I'm hoping he can overcome his stand-offish behavior because he is so very sweet. Cruzer on the other hand, who I call Cuddles, he just loves everyone. Just wanted you to know both boys are doing well and we love them both very much. Sincerely, Sue & Bill

Little Brody is doing so well. He seems more at ease each day and we are getting to know him and he us. We've discovered that he is talented at walking on his back legs (Madeline thinks this is a fantastic trick!), loves to ride in the car, that he loves watching for chipmunks outside on the lead or at the screen door and that he will have nothing to do with a dog bed (which is fine .) When I gently set him in a cozy new bed that I carefully chose for him he proceeded to jump out immediately and then jump up on our bed. He's never been near it since! He is so good not one mistake in the house. But most of all he is so sweet and loving. I have brushed him daily and he likes being groomed. I look forward to giving him a bath tomorrow. He will have a check up next week with my vet. We adore him !!!!!!! All the Best, Pat, Chris and Madeline

First of all, thank you and Elliott for everything. You are super, super foster parents. I cannot say enough good things about you both. I feel so fortunate to have met you. Fiona is doing well. She is starting to recognize her schedule. She is a joy to be around. We just cam back from Pet Smart. We bought a toothbrush, toothpaste, pig ears, denta bones and "stuff". I am sending a couple of pictures. I wish they were better but I'll get there. She really isn't trying to make a fashion statement. I have no clue how that strand of hair found it's way over her head? Sorry she's not smiling. We should have told her the picture was for you. It's a little blurred, but I'll get better. We absolutely love her and hate to leave her to go to work. Our best regards, Joanne and Nancy

I want to thank everyone in yorkie rescue for my wonderful, lovable Ollie, he has trained us very well. He has surely healed a broken heart when I lost my Bruiser. He has made his way through our house and yard and is very happy. I haven't had to use his belly band at all. Daddy has just taken him out for a walk for the night before going to bed. He certainly knows how to get what he wants and he surely gets it. Thanks to all of you for blessing us with Ollie. We love him dearly. I have all the respect in the world for the wonderful work you all do for all of the little yorkies you rescue and I pray that all will find as good a home as Ollie has. He understands everything I say to him, like tonight he had been fed and given his medicine and I was in the kitchen fixing my plate, "I said Ollie you have had your dinner so go and lie down in your bed in the living room and let mommy eat", he turned around and twitched that little fat butt and ran to his bed and layed down and stayed there while I ate my dinner. He is just beautiful and very very smart. I can't say enough thank you, thank you. Dorothy and Peter

Just a quick note about your former "Lillie". She is a different dog, the shots have given her a different life. I have attached pictures of her favorite pastime. She really likes the water and fishing. She is just like Duke with the fishing and swimming. She loves the boat and jumps off, even when she is no to. She rides the raft with us, and swims along the shore lines. It seems she has done this before, or she adjusted very easily. I get out the collars for the camper, and she goes nuts, sitting by the car and not moving for an hour sometimes. They also have collars for the boat, and she does the samething when I get them out. If anyone gets a cooler out, she is ready to go. She watches the fish from the raft and tries to catch them. We alway wonder if she was a city or country dog in her past. She spends hours each and EVERY day outside either walking the yard sniffing or just sitting on the deck watching over the yard. She even really likes snow and rain!?!!? We figure if she was a city dog, she's making up for lost time, if a country dog she is just keeping on .... She has such a personality, and everyone loves her. I can't imagine we had a life without her. She is truly the queen of the house,the camper, and the boat. Bonnie & Jen

Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough to say for bringing little Abby (Dorah) into our lives. She is truely an angel - although you would never guess that watching her play with her new brothers, Zachary and Cody - quite the little tom-boy! She is such a sweetheart and definetely a blessing from above - I am so lucky to have her in my life. Thank you Jen and Carol for helping me give this girl the best home she deserves, and I can tell you she will be spoiled but disciplined with much love forever. Thank you so much for this little blessing. Sharon & Erwin

Please accept my most sincere thanks for matching Jersey (now Desi) and I. We have bonded and he is never more than two feet away from me. I re-named him Desi (Desperado for short). As we were making the 3 hr. car trip home from Chambersburg, PA, I heard Desperado on my CD and realized that he fit that song. He has found someone to love him. In addition to being a great companion, Desi is a very well behaved dog. Like most yorkies he's protective in the presence of other dogs and people while on a walk. I travel a lot in my work and Desi loves riding on the right front seat. All my clients have become his friends and he has been a big hit with my grandchildren. Thanks again for putting this great dog in my life. Sam

Thank you for finding me the most perfect home. I am just about fully recovered from my knee surgury and am able to play fetch for about three or four hours a day now. My giant toy, (Frank), plays crazy games with me and takes me to Home Depot sometimes. I love riding in the truck. My human mom home-schools me and my brother Gus. They both say they can't imagine what life would be like if they had not found "Yorkie Rescue Me". I was little then, but I remember really nice foster moms and lots of friends. I have grown quite tall. My human mom thinks I may be part Great Dane. Only my legs grow; oh, and my tail. My folks still say I am the prettyist little girl around. I am sending along a picture of my handsome big brother "Gus"; one of me and my giant toy, "Frank" working hard; and me on Halloween being an Owl. Thank you again for all of your love and care you gave me. You are so special for helping us little ones and for helping make human families whole. love for always, Tina The yorkie formally known as "maggie":)

Just wanted to give you an update on my little girl, Prissie. We bonded from the start and I love her very , very much and I am happy to tell you, she loves me, too. She is my little shadow. Everywhere I go in the house, she is right with me. My cat would not come downstairs for 2 months until about a week ago. I finally got them together, and everything is peaceful now with them. No yelling, or anything. Just a very peaceful "O.K. I see you, and a sniff of each others face, and that was that.Now they lay on the sofa together., With the pee-pee problem, we are making progress, I am happy to say. She rarely makes it on the living room rug. She on occasion goes in the dining room or kitchen which is tile and easy to clean. We never scold her , we just tell her the paper is there for her to pee-pee on and it would be nice if she would use it. She is very bright and alert, so she really seems to know what we are saying. We have had her bathed and trimmed. She is beautiful, I will send you a picture as soon as I finish the roll of film. My only regret is that I wish we had each other earlier in our lives. She is 70 in human years, and I am 82. Thankfully, we found each other for as long as our Lord will allow. Thank you for your part in this, Jen. I feel, she and I are a perfect match. She cuddles up to me in bed at night and I just love that. Thank you again. Love, Marianne

Happy Holidays to all of you, thank you for taking good care of me until I was adopted. My former name was Rocky, but, my new parents change it to LUCKY!. I am very happy with my new family, my grandma adores me. She is always giving me treats. I have gain weight and have new outfits. I go for a walk daily and play with my uncles, nephews and aunts. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how things are going. Hey! guess who's dressing as Santa this year? Thank you, hope you can include Lucky's message in your board. Lucy

Thank you so much for your assistance with the addition of Lucy to our home! My husband and I just love her and she & Chase have become great play pals. She made sure very quickly to make sure Chase knew she was boss. We love her playfulness and the energy of Chase and Lucy have definitely kept them the center of attention in our home. She has adjusted very quickly and we love how she can light up a room. Thanks for everything!! -Aurice & Kathy

It has been about a year that we have had Loosie (aka. Lucy). I can't begin to tell you how much we love her. She has done so well here with Riley. She makes me smile every day. She is well behaved, but does bark at important things outside. She still has a sensitive stomach and I have to watch what she eats. She has gained weight since we got her, but still a light weight. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to have her. The work that you do is so important for the dogs, but for us that adopt them too. You made a perfect match. I love her with all my heart, she loves my husband, and plays with Riley. Most Sincerely, Terri

I just wanted to write you to let you know how well Max is doing. It almost seems like he has been with us forever!! He has adjusted so wonderfully! We are just really enjoying him and hope he is enjoying us just the same (which I think he is)!! He is not so anxious now running all over the place, he has really calmed down. He of course still likes to follow us everywhere but when he gets too tired, finally he will run upstairs and lay in his own bed (just for a little while though, he certainly doesn’t want to miss anything!!). His walks are a bit of a challenge (he likes to go after all the big dogs in the neighborhood but I am sure with time he will get better with that just a typical yorkie who doesn’t realize just how small he is!!)

Romey is doing great. He comes when I call him, he has had no accidents, Max and Romey play and get along well. I have been trying to socialize him more so he dosen't bark at everyone. He is doing better everyday. He still barks at my son Brians wheelchair but is getting better. He is a sweetheart! I have been leaving him out of the crate when I go out and have had no problem. He loves to sleep on my bed with Max

Promise not to inundate you with daily drivel...it's a good thing I'm not a grandparent- I'd be impossible! Frida,our little gem, is adjusting beautifully..er, she may think this is just a vacation but hey, not a bad way to transition. She slept well on the bed and loves the footstool by my favorite chair-she's close and can see out the front window onto the street. She had a brisk 45-60 minute walk in morning then we checked out the yard in daylight...as she was relaxed from the walk she did only 3 90 mph loops for freedom then did some heavy sniffing- rabbit smells-yep, chipmunks, squirrels but was so tired that flocks of Canadian geese in the park only evoked a cocked ear while she looked through the back gate. Later she ran up and snuggled me on back steps-I think she really likes it! Went in and suddenly her dry kibble looked good before hitting my chair for a 10:00 nap. I finally started some non-Frida activities. Have a delicious and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Nancy

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Sasha is doing. She has been doing a great job here. Every morning we take a walk before I have to leave for work. She stays in the kitchen while I am at work and she is at the door greeting me when I come home from work. She loves taking walks through the neighborhood and she does not usually bark at the other dogs walking through the neighborhood. However, other dogs do bark at her and on one occassion a big dog got away from its owner and came charging towards us. Sasha was so good she got in front of me and stood there when the dog came. Sasha is such great company she follows me every where I go. Sasha loves her bed that you gave her. I bought her another bed so she can have one on each floor in the house. She also has a fancy new collar that I bought her from Target. I can not wait to take her on a day trip to Paws (a really cute doggie boutique in Annapolis). Thank you so much for selecting Sasha for me she is the perfect fit for my home. Tracey

He is such a treat for me. Danny and Ginger are a little bit cautious. Of course he is hearing new noises and when he does, he barks a lot. I hope that he will calm down. He was real good this morning while I was getting ready for work. He was on (and between) my bed pillows, Danny was at the foot of the bed and Ginger was asleep in a little bed in the room. He did not like it when I left, but I go home everyday at noon, so I will see how he is doing if Danny and Abner haven't killed one another!! He has gotten comfortable enough with his new home that he can go into another room and grab a nap. At first, he had to be next to me or on me. Micki was a good pick for us and in time will blend into his new surroundings. Thanks! Kathryn

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that Ramsey… now Kasey is doing extremely well. I adopted him last year at the Yorktoberfest on Sept. 30th. I have enclosed some pics of my good looking yorkie boy! Kasey has brought me immeasurable joy & lots of laughs. At first he would get sick on very short rides, but now he’s a pro & he just loves to go for rides & long walks! Thanks again. Katrina

Do you remember Kylie? She is the poor little girl who was locked in a cage for years before we got her. She is doing fine. We had to put her on thyroid pills but she is an upright yorkie who keeps varmints and other undesirables out of her yard by being well... just a noisy yorkie. She is very very diligent about this task and the yard is indeed hers. She has become the fiercest creature she knows. She and her sis molly are best friends. See you at Small Dog Expo. Hope she remembers you as being her savior. Kylie remains the sweetest most affectionate and loving little friend we've ever known. It seems that she wants to make up for those lost years in the cage, and she just absorbs attention and gives it back doubled up. Best Keith and Joyce

Thank you for sending me my new brother. My mom and I are going to name him Maximus (after the Roman gladiator). He is snuggling right now in his beautiful bed. I occasionally cuddle with him cause I really like that bed and if I am in it first, he joins me. My mom is thinking about buying one for me but she likes the idea of having us cuddle together in one bed. What do you think about that? In the meantime, he sure does eat alot. He eats all of his wet food and I can't keep up with how much of the dry food I catch him nibbling on. He loves Central Park! We took him there with our friend, Christopher, last night for a night walk....after that silly Marathon. He did a big pee pee and you should have heard mom and Christopher, oooing and ahhing over him. Plus they gave him treats right there on the spot!!! I never get that. Mom is taking off work today so we can have one more full day together and because Maximus seems kind of sad. She gives him so many kisses but the kisses don't cheer him much and that I do not understand! Well, gotta go. Thank you again for Maximus. Love, Picolina

What a joy he is!!! After having him almost 10 months now, he has come a long way. He no longer requires the belly band (except just a precaution if we are gone for a long time) and he rings a wind chime hanging on the door to go out and potty. He does take advantage of the chime though ... when he is not getting the attention he feels he deserves at that moment or just wants to play, he will ring the chime to get our attention. HA! Smart dog! His personality is amazingly sweet and FUN! He is tons of fun. Him and Minni just love each other and I often find Minni standing in front of him when he is in trouble and vise-versa. Sticking up for each other. He hugs, nibbles noses and ears, and smiles quite a lot. We are still working on the aggression with other dogs while walking but it is working out the more he is socialized. I cannot thank you enough for him. Thanks for all you do for these wonderful little dogs and the people who adopt them! Take Care! April

Just wanted to let you know that Bailey is doing well. He had his First grooming apt. This past Sat. I asked Karen if I should stay and She said no. When I went to pick my babies up Bailey had a very good Report. She said she wasn't sure what to expect due to his history. He was great! He was a little testy when she was cleaning the hair From his ears and working on his paws. I was so pleased to hear he Was such a good boy. I asked her to give him a puppy cut so I could start over in growing His hair. It was a good decision.Here he had an infected anal gland That ruptured so the vet put him on antibiotics and gave an ointment To apply to the site. He's not crazy about touching this area so Bobby has to hold him so I can take care of him. Little by little he is learning to trust us. He now sleeps in the Bed with us and his spot is directly between us all curled up. Once His head hits the pillow he is out for the night. Bailey and Cali are developing a quiet relationship. He and Buddy on The other hand are 2 peas in a pod who would be lost without the Other. Sometimes I think they are joined at the hip. Every so often Bailey has an accident in the house. He is getting Better about his business. I am sooooo glad that I was able to adopt him. He is such a love and A real snuggle bug. Brenda

Things are going great, Saoirse and Chopper are playing like best friends already, Goliath is keeping his distance for now, he will come around, he was like this when I got Saoirse. Here are some photos of Chopper by the fire, this is the bed he picked, I know you can't see the fire but there is one there :) He did not know what to think about the cats at first, he is getting used to them. I will write again later this week. He is great. Phyl

A while back (last December)we adopted a large yorkie boy named Max through you (about 13 lbs.). I just wanted to let you know he is doing well and is our big gentle Goldendoodle's (you met Gabby too) "little buddy." Max is a true Yorkie who loves to go for car rides, being the center of attention and ruler over our big dog (who lets him). Max is also an awesome agility dog in the backyard and loves soccer balls! Anyways, after almost a year we're glad we adopted him and we will send you a picture soon. Also, I read your adoption postings often and would like to make a donation who do I make the check out to/address? Take Care!

They are wonderful, delightful little girls who have brightened our lives more than I can say. They really are amazing. Although they are both very loving and affectionate, Phoebe is the adventurous, sly little "tomboy" who doesn't miss a trick and is always exploring (she should have been named Dora "the Explorer"), while Dora is the sensitive and smart little baby and a little lady who just wants to be snuggled with someone - mostly Mommie! The kisses we get (and give) are unbelievable. They start and don't want to stop, especially Dora. In just one week they have blossomed so much. They are happy, contented little girls who have all three of us wrapped around their little fingers. Every day I notice they become a little more independent of each other although they are still very close. For example, when any one of us goes downstairs at first they both came down and went back up together. Now, one will go back up while the other will stay downstairs. Then they switch places! It's hysterical - they seem to do that with everything. One will lay on the pillow on the sofa, the other will lay on the blanket. Then after awhile they'll switch places! So cute! Usually in the evening you will find me in my easy chair, which is built into the sofa, with a blanket over my legs so they can't fall through with Dora curled up on my belly and Phoebe between my knees and feet, and I love it. Sometimes they'll go to Daddy or their brother. I can't tell you how many "I Love You's" I have heard (and also said) in my house this week. They love their yard, they love their deck, they love us and we love them. Nancy

We have decided to call her "Perla" which, as you might know, is Spanish for Pearl. My husband said a beautiful girl like her deserves an equally beautiful and unique name. And she IS unique. Her coloring is amazing. She has silky blond hair with blue undertones. Her hair is very short at the moment, but I'm sure when it grows out, she's going to be even more of a show stopper! At the Expo, one of the rescue ladies ( I forgot her name!) gave Perla this beautiful collar she makes. It's frilly and has all these wonderful sequins all over it. People were stopping us to look at her and to comment on how beautiful she looked. They were astounded when we told them we had just rescued her! Once we got back into the City, we went to Petco and again, people were staring and coming up to pet her. All day Saturday I just carried her around like a little baby doll in her red hoodie and collar. She looked ADORABLE! This entire process has been one which I will not soon forget. I can't tell you how much joy this little girl has brought us. She is going to be SO spoiled!! Addeley

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone since I have been in my forever home for about a month, some getting used to some things around here but I have been having a blast! Now that I know that I am safe and my family loves me and they aren't going to leave me I have learned to relax just a little bit (still working on that) and trying to not to get upset at every little noise I hear but the construction across the street is driving me crazy!! I love to ride in the car because that means we are going somewhere fun like the park or to Petsmart where everyone makes a big fuss over how cute I am or to Anthony's baseball practice (this is my favorite) because after we go and get ice cream and I get my own cup!! It's good to be king!! I also want to let everyone know that I am learning alot from my brother Bear, he has taught be a lot about this housebreaking thing that I still don't understand but I am working hard and I know how to stay in my own yard. My mommy is so proud of me she says I am working so hard at being a good boy! I have also attached a new picture of me, I have put on a little weight (I get so many treats for being a good boy!!) this is me sitting on my favorite spot so I can look out the window! HUGS, Gizmo

Thank you so much for letting Tank and Kloe come into our lives! We have had a few rough times but we adapt and over come. Tank has had his first visit with the ER today, he and Nane'e were playing and it turned into a scuffle and tank was bitten above his left eye and he received a bite mark and a lightly red eye, I of course got worried and took him into the VCA ER. Kinda funny... they are starting to recognize me... Well.... at least they know I care for my babies. I had a talk with both Tank and Nane'e about playing nice, lets hope it worked. I have enjoyed everyone they all three seem to be getting along better each day, they still have a few scuffles as to be expected but are adapting very well. I am looking forward to comming to the EXPO and helping out if that is o.k. with you. I will be bringing Kloe & Tank to say "Hello" I hope you enjoy the pics as you can tell everyone is Great!! We love you for your kindness and hard work that you have given each of these little dogs, who knows where they would be with out your kindness. God will have a special place waiting for you!!

It's almost been a year since I picked Alfie up from your house. The first year has been great. We recently celebrated Alfie's 2nd birthday on 12/9. Alfie is getting adjusted and getting along with Lucky. Both bring me so much joy. We're still working on the house-training but he's doing much better with releasing toys and treats from his mouth on command. Thank you for bringing Alfie into our lives. Attached is a picture of me and my boys (Alfie on the right) and a picture of the boys laying next to each other. I never thought I would see this! Thanks again for letting me adopt Alfie. Take care, Shirleta

What a pleasure it was to meet you last night. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for what you do. When we arrived at the house, Icky scoped out the house. Mimi, Icky and I slept on the couch. He was able to get up and down with a pillow I used for a step. He did really good on the way to the office this morning. He is quite inquisitive about the office, so we had to put up a few barriers. But so far so good. He is keeping watch while he is sitting on my lap. Thanks for letting us take us take him home. Patti

I just wanted to check in with you to let you know how crazy we are about our new pup formally known as Prince….we changed his name to Riley. He seems to be fond of his new name, especially when you say, “Riley… do you want a cookie?” Riley also likes his new home. He fits in really good with me, my husband Gordon and our pup Dolce. He also feels and looks like he is gaining weight. Riley is not the shy boy he was at your home with all of the other pups. He is full of personality in Pittsburgh! Riley really shines at our house…he gives his sister Dolce a run for her money when it comes to being cute. Speaking of Dolce…she really likes her new older brother. She also likes the bed that you made for him. She snuggles down in it when Riley is not using it. Riley has an appointment with the Vet this Thursday to find out why he has such bad breath. I think it is due to having bad teeth for so long. Riley & I both appreciate that you got those bad teeth pulled. I still want to have his mouth checked out just in case he has an infection. Even with his bad breath he still gets plenty of smooches from us! Thanks again for helping us find Riley. He is such a joy and we love him!

Here's an update on "Aussie". We've renamed her Cleo (Cleopatra) since she didn't respond to us calling her Aussie. She now responds to Cleo. She's making a fine adjustment.She comes when called, and sits for treats. She's making progress on her potty training. I still keep the diapers on her, and she wets them, but she's been dry the past few mornings. She's up early with me and goes outside happily. She's making progress on pooping outside, but not doing as well as the peeing. We're trying to keep to somewhat of a schedule for her so that we can anticipate her needs to go outside. She loves to walk and buzzes alongside me like a motorized vehicle. She's a delightfully peppy little girl. We're enjoying her immensely and were glad we were able to give her a home. I think she's happy. I'm not sure about Caesar, but I expect he'll become more attuned to her as time goes on. Thanks again for everything, and I'll see you at the Pet Expo in March at the Dulles Center. Julie

Just as a quick up date on Billy. I think all has settled in remarkably well, considering the change for all of us. Billy is eating. I wouldn't say he is ravenous. But, he is continually nibbling his food. He is drinking fine. He is taking care of all of his "business" in his box as well as outside. He is loving the walks we have taken him on, and the minute you touch the harness, is all over you. When someone comes back in the house from being away, he is beside himself with excitement at seeing us. He has been playing with all his old and new toys, and we are all champs at tug of war. He has slept the two nights between Howard and I inching his way up on the bed to be closer to us. Since we go to bed on the early side, I was concerned about him making it through the night, but he has been fine. Last night, while he was sleeping at the foot of the bed, my oldest cat (my favorite who always slept with us) snuggled up with me at the top of the bed. She didn't stay the whole night, but definitely saw him there and still settled in for a good long cuddle. Billy is really a snuggler when he is on his own. He sits with us in the family room and even sat on my lap yesterday afternoon while we all watched a movie. He just wants to be near us wherever that may be. Big hugs, Ellen

Barkley, now know as Doc, is great! He still has an occasional accident but he's learning! He just loves the attention! He can't get enough. We're probably going to start training classes in a week or two. He already listens pretty well though. The other day when the weather was warmer, I took him for a long walk on the boardwalk in Long Branch. Twenty people must have stopped us to say how cute or good looking Doc is! Of course, he was busy stopping every two feet to pee! Doc says hello! stu

Just wanted to let you know that Cupid did very well on the ride home. I think he was so tired from all the activity during the day that he was just glad to be able to lay down and sleep. He curled up on the seat and barely moved the entire ride. He is doing well. Simba and he are still getting acquainted and he is still getting comfartable with the new surroundings but doing very well. We are changing his name to Timon - staying with our Lion King theme and coincidentally since we got him in Timonium - Timon seemed even more fitting. He responds well already to his name and comes when called. He is already sitting on command. He does well on the leash going for walks - even when I take both of them myself. I have to admit I did not get much sleep last night- they were both on the move trying to get comfortable. You were right he does like to lay close, and several times he moved up around my face. He is eating well so far. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your time and help yesterday. Susan, Nate, Simba and Timon

I just wanted to write you to let you know about Jack. We adopt him almost 5 months ago and feel like he’s been with us forever! We love him so much and I’m sure that he loves us to. He’s being so good from day one! One or two accidents but nothing bad, he loves to play and of course he love attention! He can’t get enough. Thanks again for letting us adopt Jack he is such an important part of our lives! Take care, Jason & Ana

Cisco has adjusted very well to his new, and forever, home. His big brother Sammy just loves him so much and he is showing him the ropes around the house. Cisco was very well behaved on the airplane ride on the way home and he even got to sneek a few peeks out the window! Once we got home, everything just fell into place perfectly. Sammy and Cisco are such a pair! Cisco with his lack of hair (our vet diagnosed Cisco with Alopecia X) and Sammy with his missing back leg, they are talk of the town! On Saturday they have their playgroup in Boston and I know Cisco will have a ball. I just wanted to thank everyone at Rescue Me Yorkie for helping us bring Cisco into our lives. He is such an angel and we are truly blessed to have him. Thank you and God bless, Jacqueline

We are so happy with our new puppy and so is Sydney. They seem so well matched that the whole neighborhood thinks they are litter mates. They play together nicely most of the time. She is in better shape than he is so he seems to tire easier, much to Sydney's dismay.What I find remarkable is that since Friday, his energy level has noticeably increased. However, they seem inseparable already. They are still working out the alpha matter but Sherman is no slouch in exerting his way. I think that when he has put on some weight and muscle, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Right now, he has found ways to escape her demands to play by finding some good hiding places. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy watching them, walking them, playing with them and cuddling them. What a delight!! He is doing very well with the house training also. He has only had one accident in the house since we brought him home. Sydney has been an excellent example for him. He goes out whenever she does and does his business. Let's hope that keeps up!! Ron & Carolyn

I LOVE MISTY BLUE!!!! (aka Lady Misty Blue since Ollie's real name is Sir Oliver Canton - his rescue was in Canton, Ohio) She had her first day of doggie daycare on Monday. Her and Ollie sat in the corner for the first hour together and then the owner of the daycare said that that all of a sudden out of no where they were playing. They said Ollie played a lot more than Misty but with time Misty will come around. She laughed and said that they sat together like they had known each other for years. I tell you what, they love each other. I thought Ollie loved my mom's dog but it is nothing like Ollie and Misty. It must be Misty's personality especially since she took to Harvard. Thanks! Kelly

Quick update on this awesome boy! He seems right at home from the moment we got here. He slept with us an seemed very comfortable. Our arms are sore with him and his new ball. Toby is having some issues but we are working them out. Dolce is such a sweetheart you can't help but fall in love. Thanks for everything and especially the newest member of our family. lorri,Paul,Tia,Toby and Dolce

Just thought I'd give you a quick update on Scooter. (He's fine with the new name now.) What a great little guy he is! He's bonded to me quite well ... wags his tail and comes when I call him, and generally is my best buddy. He likes his little bed, but definitely prefers to curl up with me in bed at night. Right now I'm working on getting him a little more socialized around other people ... and I think he's making pretty good progress (though he still hides behind me at first). I got him toys, but also need to teach him how to play ... for now, he just sniffs them. Also, he was good about his bath - didn't like being soaped up, but seemed to enjoy the warm water. The vet gave me drops to use for a few days for the irritation in his eyes. Seemed to do the trick, and there's much less discharge now - usually just the "normal" amount. So all is good... Thanks again for matching us up!! Hope you find good homes for all the other "puppies." Debbie

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Bebe. It's been a WHOLE year and what a year it has been!! Bebe is doing great! She loves being with us and we love her being with us. She has come a LONG way in a year, and it's been worth it. She loves the girls (as you can see in the pictures). She can't stand it when they have to go to school. She will lay and wait by the window until she hears the school bus and when they get off that bus, she goes nuts! I will open the door once they are in the driveway and she runs out to greet them. It's really cute! The only problem we are still having is with her barking at Chris. At least she is not growling at him anymore. So there is a little progress made with that. We hope that one day she will realize that he lives here and that's not changing so she will have to get used to it. So when he walks in the door and she starts barking at him and running through the house and snorts at him, he just ignores her and goes about his business. But we can't help laughing at her and how she reacts to him. He doesn't think it's funny, but we do!! She is doing well physically. Tomorrow is her yearly physical and I'm hoping that she is still doing well. Thanks for all that you do with the Rescue! Sharon, Chris, Amanda and Hanna --- Bebe's family

It's been a couple of months now since we picked up "Riddick" from Yorkie Rescue at the Pet Expo in Chantilly and I thought I'd update you. First of all, we changed his name to "Chewie" because he looks a lot like Chewbacca from Star Wars! He is adapting quite nicely - he has learned some new rules - the house is not a bathroom - no nibbling or biting on humans - and he is sitting and coming on command. He is about nine pounds now and healthy as can be - he gets a bath every week and is even letting me keep his hair and nails trimmed. He and Henry, our dachshund, are best buds and do EVERYTHING together! Henry has even managed to lose a pound - just as the vet recommended. He has livened things up for our 15-year old sheltie and he can outrun even her best herding attempts! I'm sending you some new pictures of Chewie - his fur is growing out and I think he looks great. Thanks again for this wonderful new addition to our family! Valerie

I must take a moment to update you on our little guy, Muri - he's amazing. To believe we've only had him for 7 months is midblowing, considering how far he's come. He loves to follow his brothers around and will get into as much mischief as they allow him to - they still protect him a lot. He's doing great with his potty training, only a few accidents in the house, and the other guys always try to warn us. He's learning to sit, trusting strangers and feeling overall just like part of the family - because he is. Attached is our family photo - incase you can't tell, he's the one in the middle. Blessings Trinita

I think Harlee is settling in just fine. I left them alone today for the first time and the house was OK when I got back. Gone for 2 hours..I often wonder just what is going thru their little minds. He will sit and look out the window - door, whatever, like he expects someone to come.. Or maybe that is just something he enjoys and has always done. We will never know for sure will we. Jenny & Harlee get along fine. That was my prime concern. I would like to have the name and number of your Mother's groomer I haven't made an appointment for the vet yet, will try to do that next week. Have a good day and come see us anytime. On second thought maybe you had better hold off on a visit for awhile. I would like to feel that Harlee feels he belongs here. We can keep in touch by phone. Thanks for agreeing to watch him if I have to be gone overnight. fondly Sue

Peanut came to us in May of 2007 after we had seen her picture on Petfinder. I called immediately to make sure that we could have her and no other dog. We had just gone through the loss of our 11-year old Yorkie Toby who was killed a few month earlier by an 87-year old man driving his car too close to the edge of the street where my husband and Toby were walking. Toby died instantly and my husband slowly recovered from the trauma. We spoke with Mary Lou of "Yorkie Rescue Me" in Pennsylvania and forwarded the application and pictures of our home to speed up the adoption. After the lengthy interviews over the phone and in writing she offered to bring Peanut to Englewood, NJ even though this entailed a 2 1/2 hour trip. Seeing Peanut was "Love at first sight" and after lunch Peanut and I took our first walk together. Our other 14-year old Yorkie Alfie accepted her immediately and very soon Peanut took over the management of our home and Alfie. She is the joy and sunshine of our l ife and we call her Sunshine Peanut now. I am very grateful that Peanut found us and the great service of Mary Lou, Yorkie Rescue Me and Petfinder. This year we have even rescued a Feral Cat, Blackie, who is intrigued with Peanut and follows her on her daily walks. Thanks for all the work you do. Ingrid

It is hard to believe that Minnie and Benny have been with us for over two months now. They are very relaxed and behave as they have always been part of our clan. Mocha has accepted them from the beginning, and everyone is getting along fine. Minnie is doing well health-wise. She acts like any active young dog. She is such an endearing dog--her affection is endless. We will take her to our vet in September for a check-up and immunization update. I'll ask the vet about a teeth cleaning regarding her heart condition. Benny is doing well also. He has been laid-back from the beginning, but now he likes to show some affection as well (especially if you rub his chest). He makes the funniest noises when he wants some attention. He seems to identify with my husband. We are planning to attend Yorktober Fest and will bring the yorkies. Hope to see you then!

Bindy has been doing fine...Her new brother Teddy can't seem to shake the Kennel cough due to his trachea problems..but he is on medication ...we continue to follow up at the vet. Bindy seems to be fine on strictly Timberwolf Organic food...no problems, working on Potty training..doing well. Bindy is playful and full of energy and likes to explore EVERYTHING..a typical Puppy showing no health issues at all ps...Bindy does not tolerate any dog trying to violate her territory ( the dachshunds next door ) but when they are together without a fence between them..they are all best friends. Warren Katilus

I hope that things are going well for you...Just an update on Clementine...She is progressing so well - coming along wonderfully - she and Luke are playing together now - we have to watch closely, as he can get a little rough sometimes - BUT she is holding her own -especially early in the mornings - it is so cute!!! She is gaining weight and her hair is growing out very well - She is still hesitant with Mike, my husband, but is coming around with him too - LOVES watermelon - when he has that - she is all over him!!!! I will send a picture soon - we are all going on vaction in a couple of weeks - Luke and Clemmy going as well - we'll see how this works!!! - we took them on a picnic on the 4th - with friends - we go jeeping quite a bit in the mountains - we had their car seats in the back seat and they were bouncing right along with us - holding their own!!!!! The only problem we have is if we pass someone on the trails with a big dog - they think they are his size and want to go after them and play-whoa baby! They are becoming a team! Thank you so much for allowing Clemmy to become our own.......

It's been a little over a year since I got him. You should see his coat now. He goes to the groomed every 6/8 weeks & he's a gorgeous blond with the black just under the blond. I can't tell you how happy I am with him. He's just wonderful and you would never know he's 10 years old. He has his forever home. Yvonne

Things are going well. Callaway and Fiki are playing all the time. I think he wants to play more then she does. She is a doll. She has had about 5 accidents in the house. I have not been using the diapers that much I just walk them all the time and praise. She will learn. She is so lovable and sleeps right next to me. She has been swimming in the pool - Not too fond of it though. Kids are over constantly. She is so gentle. She does think she is the size of a giant when she is confronted by things she doesn't like. (Not too fond of the Vacuum) My husband has been so good with her. We were hoping to slowly change her name. I will be talking to a behavior specialist at the vet tomorrow. I hope that is OK with the rescue group. "Fiki" is a bit funny for us. I will let you know. She is a little cuddle muffin. She loves being held and was so good when I had to take care of her paw with wrapping and everything. (she kept licking). We love her so much. She is a bonus to our already great looking family. Thanks for the picture. I think I enjoyed the noises you were making more than the rest of my bunch. Thanks for everything. I will keep in touch. Patti

Just a quick note to let you know how Blazer did when he met our lab. The kids renamed, him, by the way..... Sirius from Harry Potter. We brought him in the house and my husband sat with Rugby. I let Sirius down and he ran right over to Rugby, they smelled each others' noses and that was it. The rest of the night, they walked by each other, touched noses a few times and now run around together outside. We don't plan on leaving them alone together for a while, though. The two cats aren't very fond of him; they've both gone into hiding. He already had an outing to the pet store, was a huge hit and has a shiny new dog tag. He loved riding in the truck on the way home...part of the time with one kid and part with another. He did have a little accident this morning and he peed once inside. We've been walking him frequently and he's gone outside the rest of the time. It will just take us all getting on the same schedule. The kids had him sleep with them last night downstairs, instead of their bedrooms upstairs because they couldn't decide who he should sleep with first. He just made himself right at home. He's the smartest little thing...he'll look at us like he's trying to get our attention and then start walking away. Someone will follow him and he goes to the door to go out....just to play for now...but we're working on having him tell us when he has to go pee. He explored -or tried to - every inch of the house when he got here last night...all three levels and every room. Every once in a while he would go to a sofa, jump up and put his head down like he was resting... about five mins later..off for more exploring. Thanks again for everything. I hope he's as happy with us as we are with him! Regards, Lisa

I just wanted to update you on how Nellie (and Bexley) are doing. We had a good car ride home. Nellie growled a little at Bexley when he got too close to her but it only happened twice. She is such a sweetheart! She will go right up to people and dogs and is so friendly. Bexley and she have gotten into one fight over a bone and my attention, but I put a stop to that quickly. They lay together on the bed and share fairly well. It will take some time but every day it gets better. I think Bexley is jealous that Nellie likes to sit in my lap (we're working on the jealousy ;) We go on walks together and separately so that I can work on training Nellie to walk by me, poop and pee. She is doing so well, and has had only one small accident in the house. She poops and pees on walks and in the yard. She is also learning to sit for treats (she is a fast learner). All this in 3 days! She makes Bexley look like a giant, she is so petite! Thank you so much, Jen, for the wonderful gift that Rescue me has given Bexley and I (and Chad, my boyfriend). Nellie is a joy and we are so happy to have her here. I have attached a photo of Bexley and Nellie laying on the bed. It's a little pixelated because I took it with my phone. Thank you, we'll keep in touch! Theresa

I just wanted to let you know that Olsen is doing great. He slept the whole way home and wanted to play all night with his new family. Dallas doesn't understand why this new play toy is not leaving with someone and he is still getting use to the idea that he has a new brother. Nothing to worry about, Dallas just use to get many naps in and now Olsen wants many play times in instead. Dallas has taken a liken to the dry food you gave me and I was wondering if you could give me the webpage address so I could order more and change Dallas over to the new food. I will keep you up dated. Jim and Jeannine

Dickens is doing great (but I've re-named him to Sammy)...he's happy and active and sticks to me like glue! I've brought him in to work two days in a row and my staff just loves him (I've attached photos of him sleeping and hanging out under my desk). Tomorrow we're going to a pool party/BBQ where there will just be a few people, no children, and no other dogs...although I have to say that he's been friendly with other dogs he's met and with children that have wanted to pet him at PetSmart. The friend throwing the party actually has a small dog (10 lbs.) so her backyard is fenced in, but the dog won't be around, he's with 'grandma' for the week. I'm going to keep him well away from any fireworks displays though since yesterday morning I heard him bark for the first time at a lawn care guy with a leaf blower so I don't think he'll like the noisiness of fireworks. Thursday and Friday I work from home so he'll have company all day (even though it's only me and he may miss the attention he got at my office). I took him to his new Vet earlier this afternoon for a little meet and greet and she said he looks to be in good health (she did take blood though just to run some basic tests). My only concern is that he hasn't eaten much, but the Vet said that's normal until a pet gets used to their new surroundings and could take several days. Wow! I can't believe how much I wrote just now! Hope I didn't bore you, but as you can tell I'm excited to have him around and to tell you all about him...and it's only been three days! I just love this little fellow so much already. Thanks again for your help and OK-ing me for adoption...you helped bring this new little blessing into my life! ~Lara!

I'm writing you to inform you about Boomer, whom I adopted on Jul 1, 2007. Boomer is acclimating himself to city living and is enjoying all that it has to offer. Boomer loves his new chewy vuiton bed and is constantly resting snugly on it. Boomer has made several friends in the neighborhood, a black labrador, Grace and a German Shepherd, Maximus. Boomer loves the company of larger dogs and makes sure to keep them in check. Boomer has made my house a home and I'm grateful to Yorkierescueme.com for uniting us. Sincerely, Ken

Just to let you know Brootus is doing fine. He is so sweet. I got out of the shower this morning and there he is looking up at me! He is eating well. I spoke to his foster mom. She confirmed that he doesn't like loud trucks but likes licking special people's ears. She also said he did not like hair dryers. He hasn't quite figured out that he supposed to pee when he goes out but I am sure with some time he will get the hang of it. He does love long walks as I found out this past weekend. He starts out in his own bed but about 1 in the morning decides it is ok to jump up on the bed. I think you made a very good match. He is already a part of the family. Thanks. Regards, Ed & Brootus

Thanks for your nice words! Deuce is really such a good boy. He is doing great. Deuce has only had one pee accident in the house and that was really our fault for not paying attention. Otherwise he has gone outside every time. First thing in the a.m. he does a #1 and a #2! Like clockwork. He slept in the crate very politely the first night, then the second night he was carrying on, we realized he just hated the crate. And since he seemed to know to do his business outside we let him out of the crate and he's been on our bed ever since. I've been using the Belly Band sometimes just as insurance, he has not needed it. I leave him and Crissy in the office together if we go out, and their beds are in there. They both follow me from room to room as I go about my day, right now they are both sleeping on their beds next to the computer here. He has adjusted very well to our routine. I walk them both around the block in the morning and he does well on the leash. He's very playful, but not too crazy! Lots of running in the back yard, he is like a little rabbit hopping, just like Crissy does, it is hilarious. Oh and he burps after every meal, so funny, just this one little burp. Carly and Mark worked on some "Sit" training this evening. All in all, you are right, he is a rare catch! Thanks so much for giving us this great little guy! Lee, Mark, Carly and Gavin

What a perfect fit our newest member of the family is! We have re-named her Tina because my daughter has a good friend Lexi and we wanted Tina to have her own name. The whole family is in love with her and she seems to be adjusting to all of us nicely. She has been doing well with her potty breaks, eating well, getting used to Cassie (our golden ret) and our 2 cats. She loves to sit with us on the sofa or lay in bed with us at night. I will be taking her to the vet next week for her next distemper shot and getting a file started on her there. She is hard to get a good picture of but I hope you like the ones attached. Thanks again and I will stay in touch with you as she grows. Beth

The drive home went really well. TT (renamed "Fuzz") sat inbetween my daughters the whole way. We stopped for fast food and didn't want to leave him in the car, so we ate in the parking lot. He sat between the girls and chewed on a rawhide while we ate. When we got home we decided to introduce him to our golden on the front side walk and then go on a walk together around the neighborhood. It went really well. They actually aren't really paying too much attention to each other. He does seem very curious about our birds and we've had to use the squirt bottle on him. He hasn't had any accidents and slept in his crate from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.. When I took him out in the morning he really didn't want to go in the yard...I had to carry him out and put him in the grass. After that he explored and did his business. Well, he's doing great and really settling in...we're taking them to the Mill this morning to get more dog food. Our other dog loves the "Wellness" food too...who can blame her?? We'll keep in touch! Mike & Stacey

I wanted to finally catch up with you and report on Rocky's ( nee Carlton's) progress since February. He is the sweetest, most adorable little guy, and Tom and I love him dearly already. He's settled in and making wonderful progress. Of course, I don't expect anything from him, but I want him to be relaxed and happy in his forever home. I wish you could see the progress he has made. He was a wildman for the first couple of days, getting into everything and acting like he was starving to death. Now, he's happy just to be with us, stays out of things except when he doesn't think he's getting enough attention, and no longer begging for food. He's so smart and has learned quickly that we love him. He tries hard to please us now, and we're hoping someday he will relax and stop barking at the neighbors. I keep telling him that they live here too. Anyway, I just can't thank you enough for putting us together! Thank you for making it possible for me to crawl into bed every night with this beautiful little boy. He really is the love of my life !!! Sharon

Suzy will be going to California in November for a short visit and then again for New Years. I think she's doing well. Casey is working at home for a few days to ensure her comfort while I am in travel status. I did learn that Suzy does NOT like children. She has a wonderful disposition with adults, but has VERY little patience with children and snapped at a little girl. I really did not see it coming, and I'm usually pretty good at that after owning dachshunds. Luckily, the youngest person she will regularly see is 17 years old... hardly a child. We're working on the announcements, I'll be sure to send you a picture. Also, I purchased a new harness and leash so I will return the harness and leash you so generously provided. I hope another little yorkie will be able to use them on the way to their new home. Thanks again Jen, I really am so fortunate to have found you and Suzy.

Pudge is great! He's my little buddy. Wake up in the morning with him curled up in the crook of my legs or at my back. He's a real snuggler! Loves everyone. He's very sweet and affectionate tho' he tries to be the boss. That's his little terrier nature coming out. I've had no real problems with him other than tugging at the leash (he's surprisingly strong) which we have since overcome with the help of a trainer, and only one food agression incident with another bigger dog which was quickly averted, but I've had no problems taking things like old bones from him. He also plays soccer. I have a kid's plastic beach ball (about the size of a soccer ball) that he herds around with his front legs, then he whips his head sideways to bounce the ball off a wall, or if you throw the ball at him he bounces it off his nose. I call him 'Pele' Pudge! It's very amusing and he would play until he dropped if I let him. I took him to my vet who said he was a very healthy little dog and had good teeth for a Yorkie. I'm so glad we met that day- my good fortune and his! Thank you for your help in getting us together. Sincerely, Olive

I just wanted to share a picture with you of Buster and our other dog, Shasand. You were Buster's foster mom and we adopted him from the rescue back in September 2007. Today is Buster's 4th birthday! He has been such a blessing in our lives and makes us smile everyday. He is such a joy to have around and is truly a character! Shasand and Buster love each other so much and are completely inseparable--they cannot stand being away from each other even for a second. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be Buster's forever family--our lives simply wouldn't be the same without him! Wishing you all the best, Brian, Tara, Taylor, Shasand, and Buster

Ruby is doing great and is a loving, wonderful, funny puppy. I'm sending some pictures so you can see how she is doing. Ruby and Saxony love rough housing with each other, whether inside or outside. Ruby gives Saxony a good working out each day. Afterwards Ruby loves a nap as you can see by the picture of her crashed on the couch. Ruby loves being held as you will see in the picture where Jim is holding her (Saxony does not like to be held). The picture of them sleeping on our bed was taken during the night and they didn't even flinch when the flash went off. About the only thing Saxony doesn't want to share are her stuffed toys as you can see in the picture where they are both determined to get the gorilla. It is so funny to watch them each pulling, it reminds us of a tug-of-war game. Ruby is getting micro chipped this Thursday and goes back to the vet next week for her ear mite follow-up. We are also having her and Saxony receive the Lyme shot. Please let others know that Ruby is doing terrific and thank all of you for allowing us to adopt her. Take care. Karen KAREN & JIM

Hello everyone. I thought it was time to drop you a line about my new life. It's GREAT! As you can see from my picture, I have a nice warm coat and I also have a raincoat with matching boots! I'm not too sure about the boots, but they do keep my paw pads safe from hot sidewalks and other bad things I might step in. I have two other furry roommates and we all share a really big bed with our people! I have an armpit, my sister gets the back of the knees, and the other sister lines up along side my person's back. It all works just swell, and my person doesn't mind at all that she's complete locked in for the night. My other person moves around a lot, so we stay away from him at night. Thanks so much for finding me such a nice home. I do object to the eye drops I get. My person puts drops in to give me tears and clean my eye and drops to contain an infection that wants to appear from time to time, and then she gives me drops to keep my eye from getting worse. A big box was delivered yesterday full of herbs for me, but they sure taste awful. We all go for "pack" walks in the morning and in the evening. That's my favorite time of the day. We get to sniff and scratch and discover all kinds of other animal tracks. It's a nose delight, and we all get a chance "read" all the new news along the way. We have to get brushed when we get back from our walks, but it always feels so good to get that special touch. Well, I guess that's all the news for now. Keep up the wonderful work for other brothers and sisters less fortunate then me. Gratefully, Sam the Man

Ginny is doing great! She is coming out of her shyness and is blossoming beautifully. We can't believe it is a month today since we adopted her at Yorktoberfest. Ginny and Oscar have become best of friends as they snuggle up to each other. We think Oscar really enjoys having her as a companion. At night both Ginny and Oscar take up residence in our bed and Ginny promptly positions herself right in the middle of my bed before I have a chance to get in. She learned from Oscar how to climb up on the ottoman and into the bed. It is so funny as I try to explain to her that I'll gladly share my bed with her, but she can't have the entire bed to herself. We are still working with her on housetraining since she seems to get the white carpet confused with her piddle pads; both are soft and white to her, but she'll get the hang of it. Thankfully, we only have carpet in a small part of our house. Ginny is so curious about everything. She is discovering a whole new world out there and we are trying to show her and teach her all about it. She is soooo loved by us and we thank you so very much for her. Susan, Gary, and Oscar

Hi my rescue moms, just a little note to say I miss you and to let you know that I am very happy here. I walk on a chain pretty good now but I still have trouble with the potty training issue, but I am working on it. I am not as shy as I was before I know give kisses to mom. Mom said that you should come and visit sometime. Well I have to go now and I really mean I have to go, mom is going to take me outside for a walk and potty. Love you both and miss you. PS I hope you can get the picture of me that we are sending.Love Pudden Jesse

I think you will be surprised at how well she is doing. she goes in and out by herself now. she stays out in the yard by herself I have not tried to put any pressure on her. I've been letting her come around at her own pace. the only time she is reluctant to go out side is if the grass is wet. she doesn't have acidents in the house. I can't believe how long she can hold it. I noticed when it is raining she doesn't drink her water and eats very little. smart dog. I took her out the other night after all that rain and made her stay out till she went,of course I stayed out with her. when she finally did go she must have peed for a whole minute. she really is such a good girl. nothing like my spoiled little brat that ran our house, and us as well. I still do miss her though. she was so cute. and that was a good thing. other wise she would never have gotten away with so much. I think this week I will do a little leash training. she is better if we go slower with her. I can't believe we've had her a month all ready. have a great day, susan & sadie

Thanks to you and John and the work that you do, my family got the best present ever this year. Suzy Q, now called Sofi, is doing very well. She has come a long way from that very shy girl who was frightened by every noise and was scared of being picked up. She has fallen in to her own routine and is the sweetest little girl. Her and Pimpon have become the best of friends and play alot together. Sofi has claimed her spot on the sofa and on the bed and follows my mother around. She does not like to be by herself and looks for company. The funniest thing Sofi likes to do is wait for the other dogs to come in so she can attack them at the door. She runs and plays outside but makes sure to come in first so that she can greet the others! When she joined our family, she weighed just over 6 pounds. She is now at 10 pounds and very active. The vet says that this is a good weight for her and that she is very healthy. She has trick knees but that doesn't stop her. I will be sending you pictures soon. Thanks again, Lisette

Otto, now named Nitro is doing great. Kendall changed his name about a week into his homecoming. LOL He is doing great. His hair is growing back and he finally looks like a sweet little Yorkster. He is as playful as an be. We are still trying to break him of his whining but he is not NEAR as bad as he used to be. I think it is because he knows he is home. Potty training is fine too. Only a few accidents and I think it is because the weather is changing. He doesn't like to go out when it is cold. LOL Kendall has bought him a few "outfits" since Lucy the Pom had so many clothes to wear. So he is dressed in his polo shirt today. LOL He is a quite spiffy lil man. He went in for a check up with my vet when I took Lucy in for her dental and they said he is as healthy as can be. He was quite a hit with all the nurses. I will send you some pics a soon as I get my camera up and running. Thanks for letting me know about the micro shipping. I must have gotten him confused with all the others I was reading about on Petfinder in those weeks while we were looking. Have a good week. Jill, Kendall and Nitro and family!

Just wanted to write and update you on Wyley. He is doing GREAT! About 3 weeks ago, Wyley and Bella started playing, chasing and wrestling eachother and have not stopped since! They have become bffs. Wyley even started bringing back the toys when we throw them (for the longest time he would just chase Bella as she went and got the toys). He has become way more independent and has really come out of his shell in this past month. It is great to know that Bella and Wyley are so happy with eachother!!! They wake up and start jumping on eachother 1st thing every morning now!! I attached some pictures so you can see how much better Wyley is looking. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!! :) Leslie, Jay, Bella and Wyley

Just thought you would enjoy a photo of Missy. She is right a home. Barks just like a Yorkie. She really is well adjusted. She goes to the door or begs like the attached photo when she wants to go outside. She must have been taught a couple tricks by her x owners. She curls up on my lap when she wants to sleep, or if I get down on my knees, she will jump into my arms. She is quite the clown. Paul and Inca

Odie has settled in nicely. He and Gigi have become almost in-separable. They play for hours. Odies training is going well. He already knew sit, stay, come and down. He is learning that big dogs are his friend and he dosen't need to kill them. He still has some work to do in this area, but he is doing well. I have to say the Odie is one of the most well adjusted and behaved dogs I have ever had. He is not very fond of wearing his sweater when the temp drops below 30, but he tolerates it . Blessings Adam and Tomas

I just wanted to give you an update on Cherry and Bentley. Of course to start with, they are the absolute loves of our lives. They are doing beautifully. THey were to the vet and were absolutely perfect. Just a wellness, get to know me check up. CHerry's stitches were of course removed and all is well. SHe weighed in at 5.0. ANd is as sweet as always. They recieved lyme shots and a new one for "lepto". It was explained to us and since we do have wild life near us, it was recommended. They will go back to the vets in 3 wks for a second check and also the vet will check a feces sample and give up more heart worm meds. We will give them the one you supplied and then they will have a supply to start Dec. Cherry is doing very well with her house breaking. She is so cute and omg, so funny. Ben is, well, we cannot describe what a peach he is. So gentle and gosh, sweet. The one shot for leptso they got had a side effect of sleepiness. Well, Ben wasnt bothered much but Cherry was wiped out from it. Ben would every once in a while go over to her and lick her little face and watch for a movement then lay next to her. So sweet. Ben has gained one lb also. The Dr said about 12lbs for him would be great. Once again, I want to send you our love for allowing these two angels into our lives. They have added such joy and love to our home that it seems they were Always here. I couldnt imagine my life without them. GOd Bless you for all you do for these sweet babies. Jim Barbara, Ben and CHerry

Nicky is turning out to be a real love. He keeps everyone playing and loves the snow. We don’t know weather to nick name him snowball or snow plow. Thought you might get a kick out of seeing some pictures. Sincerely, Steffany & the Pack

I thought I'd send some pictures to you too, since you fostered Romie for a short too. I can tell you he is a fun, happy little dog and his new sisters, my husband, Jon and I adore him. He is very grateful to be here. Its funny how you can just tell. We love him and he worked out well. I'll never forget that in your description of him on the website you said, "he can be a brat if you let me". You're right! I think it had to do with him being caged all the time and never having freedom to run. He doesn't know what to do with himself when he's free in the yard and in the house. His biting skills are still very precise and I've never seen a little dog that can raise his lip as good as Romie can!! ((-; BUT, he has no reason to do that anymore. He trusts us now and is relaxed and happy. He sleeps under the covers with me and is at my side constantly. I am planning on attending the Expo in February. I had spoke briefly to Vickie about joining Yorkie Rescue and helping where I can, but am thinking that I can make more of a commitment to your group when I am retired in the summer of 2008. I will say that if ever there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact me. Again, thank you for allowing me to adopt Romie. We absolutely adore him. See you in February! Annette

Just wanted to let you know how well Pixie is doing. She has now become very attached to me, extremely animated, quite active, really. Maybe the glucosimine and condroiten is helping the arthritis in her spine enough to enliven her. So we are having a good time, though at present she is trying to type to you, too. She is quite interested in the laptop because I am petting it! You did good with this dog. Love, Caroline

Thought I’d send along a holiday picture of the three dogs and me. Cassie is settling in well and the greyhounds have accepted her. She’s managed to get the 11 year old greyhound to play! I definitely think she’s found her forever home!

Thought you might like to see a few recent shots of Woody up at our cabin. He and Tuffy are still great friends and Woody's actually starting to play. He had a very successful playdate with a friend's dogs last week in the park. At first he was scared and growly, but Tuffy told him it was okay to play, even though Tuffy is too old to join him, and Woody ran and ran and ran with the other dogs until I thought he'd drop dead! He LOVES to be outside and moving. He's still a little skittish around new things, but he's coming along slowly but surely. I see your fostering another puppymill boy. I hope he's coming a long. It's sad to see the damage done to these sweeties. . .

Thanks for this inspiring video. I have been wanting to send you a video of us at the beach in July but it is too big to email, even though it was a short one from my digital still camera. I will try to get it on a DVD and send it to your address (Please email back your address). Duffie sure does love the ocean. He jumped in and out of the waves like a nut and we had to pull him out by his leash on a few occasions because we were afraid he would drown himself!! Needless to say, Duffie is doing great. He is playing with toys and does a bit of tug-of-war with us until he freaks himself out then he runs away. He is doing much better about doing his business outside. In fact, if he has to go he will come right up to me or Kylie and do this bark/growl thing. It is very funny. He is still terrified of Nic (our 13 year-old) and goes out of his way to avoid him, and he is still a bit jumpy, but he greets us at the door and we actually see his tail wagging. We love him to pieces.

Happy new year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We certainly did, as you will see from these pictures. I wanted not only to email you and update but also share some pictures of Taylor's adventures since he has been with us. He is a perfect fit for our family and we love him so much. We constantly tell each other we are so lucky to have him. He is so good and well behaved and are our friends and family want one just like him as soon as they meet him. We kept his name, Taylor, because we had been so used to calling him that already - ever since we saw his photo on petfinder. He is doing great and I take him everywhere I can, shopping, visiting friends and family and even to work sometimes. He is doing so well that I think all three of us will be attending an obedience class soon - I think he will do great and it will help us all bond even more. Thank you to you and to Rescue Me Yorkie for letting us bring Taylor into our home, family and hearts. Donavan & Galia

Romie is perfect! He acts as if he has been here forever! My guys are fine with him! He slept on my bed with the others all night, and has not had an accident! I am in my office for a short time - plan on spending the rest of the day with him! He is adorable!! Thanks so much. I will be patient for a puppy - I know you will find the right one for me - but I am so glad this little guy came my way! Thanks again for all your great work!!!!! Romie's mom

I just wanted to give you an update on Buddy. I cannot believe that we have only had Buddy for 4 months; it feels like he has always been a part of our family. Buddy is an amazing dog – he listens well, he follows me around the house and he loves to sleep next to me. Buddy has brought so much joy to my life, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to adopt such wonderful dog. Thank you for everything. Joelle and Ed

Just wanted to give you an update on Libby aka Olivia. I don’t know how you do it but you have a “GIFT” of putting dogs and families together that just fit perfectly. Libby is doing well, when we take her out she will do her business, she is still wetting her panties but she is young yet. She runs in the yard like a bullet and plays with her toys, sleeps in her bed and is the bestest little girl. She is a welcomed addition to our family. We are working on her knowing her name and I believe she kind of knows the command sit. She has scoped out the whole house and is very energetic and playful. She travels well and likes to be groomed; oh did I mention she is perfect. Any way I took the long way to say Thanks to you and your organization for the love you give each dog and help them find their fur-ever homes. I will keep in touch and if I can be of help from afar just let me know.

We absolutely ADORE Stitch; and he and Bentley are getting along very well. He just makes us laugh every time we look at him, he is just so cuddly and wonderful. Happy Holidays, Alex

We are so in love with Kayla...this little beauty. (we love her name!) Thank you so much for her and all that you do for these little souls. I still cannot believe the route that she took to get to us. That little girl has been through so much. Ironically, we were in Philly on 11/2-11/3 just about the same time that she was wandering the streets. It has been less than 24 hours, and I have noticed that Kayla calms Minnie down. I have not had 2 dogs together before and am seeking advice from all sources and especially keeping an eye (and a calm hand) on Minnie. So far...very good. Again...thank you for all your love and attention and hard work with these little yorkies.

I just wanted to send you a quick hello and thank you. Sophia is doing great! We all love her so much and she's been a great addition to our family. You WERE right about Sophia, she is right for us! My daughter reminds me often that I almost didn't pick Sophia but am so glad I did. We've enjoyed her so much that we've even discussed a big brother or sister for her. (We're still talking deciding and perhaps you'll hear from me soon!) Thanks again for your help! Ann

Greetings from Milo and Macy! Just wanted to pass on some recent pix of Milo and our recent adoption--Macy. We're all adjusting very well and have settled into a routine. Macy just loves Milo and after a few days of being a wall flower, she is showing her bossy self! She acts just like a woman moving into a man's home--slowly and deliberately taking over! Milo, being an "only" for 6 years, has all the prime real estate in the house staked out. Macy waits for Milo to move and then goes and gets into his spot when he's not looking... if he's sitting where she wants to be, she just nudges him gently until he gets the idea, then turns to kiss him. Watching TV, she curls up on my lap and he's stretched out on my head across the sofa... Milo has dry-eye and I wash his face/eyes twice a day and put meds in. She patiently waits as I do it and then jumps up to have her face/eyes washed too! Macy is very curious and doesn't miss a trick. We're still working on potty issues, but I'm hopeful that she'll soon get the hang of it. If I'm not paying her enough attention, she'll sit beside me and "woof" softly--letting me know it's time for a dog-hug. She has a deeper voice than Milo so they're easy to tell apart. She and Milo are very similar in temperment and she barks only when he barks (even though she doesn't always know why they're barking!). Having 2 dogs is a little harder when it comes to walks when they want to go in different directions and we're working on convincing Macy she's not a sled dog. But 2 dogs are sure 2 times the fun and love. Thanks for your support--we'll keep in touch! Deb Milo & Macy

Gabby is doing wonderful and just like I told Kathy I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your rescue. We love Gabby so much! Gabby is such a daddy's girl...she sleeps on my husbands side of the bed and its so beautiful to see how my husband loves on her and of course our other two. It took her a little bit to warm up to him but now that she has.....now its all about him. What a trader right?! lol I'm not sure what she's going to do with herself when her daddy leaves...he's being deployed to Iraq this year and will be gone for 1 year. I've attached some pics of Miss Gabby. Isn't she beautiful!!! Glorivette

Chloe has gotten into everyone’s heart here. It will be a week tomorrow and she is starting to get used to everyone coming and going. My son gets up for work at 1;30 am . The first few days she barked like crazy but now the barks are getting less and less. She is getting used to him getting up. When he comes home until he takes his coat and hat off and bends down to her (he is 6ft 6) she goes bananas barking. When she realizes its him and licks and kisses. For a little dog she is a great watch dog. She will let my dad (who is 84) know there is someone she doesn’t know at the door. The territory issues between her and Rusty have finally resolved. He knows what he can’t touch downstairs and he knows what she can’t touch upstairs. So they are pretty good with each other now. My old man Rusty has a kick in his step now with Chloe around. He follows her around and has to inspect everything she does. When we walk together she won’t walk unless he is right there with her. She is very good on the leash. Today we kept her in the house all day because of the cold and snow so she kept missing the newspaper. She was reading it and leaving her butt outside of the paper. I just laughed at her She loves to cuddle and kiss and love giving it all back to her. Wednesday I am having spine and Brain surgery. I am looking forward to coming home and having her snuggling with me in the bed while I recoup. She sleeps with my mom and dad downstairs right in between them. My mother says “she is perfect birth control”. (Like anything is going to happen. She is 72 and he is 84. J) I will send you pictures from the holidays. We have all her outfits planned. My future daughter in law brought her a dress! We love our Chloe! Bye 4 now Lily

Just want to let you know that the Boys are getting along great. They love to chase the squirls in the back yard. Here is a recent picture after their return from the groomer.He still has a little problem with the cats, but getting better. We just love Pepsi, really happy we adopted. Jim & Joanie

Just wanted to update you on the babies. They are doing great! When I first brought them home they slept all the time, but they have gotten very active (comparatively speaking - they are still old girls), especially Louise. She will often get out of bed and meander around the house, come and find me, sniff me and bump into my leg so I will pet her, and then go find another bed and go back to sleep. When I come home from she is a riot, leaping all over the place and sprinting back and forth. Thelma also sprints - straight to the kitchen. She definately knows she gets fed when I come home. Thelma has become the queen of the house. If she sees me petting Louise, Thelma will come and shove her out of the way and demand pets of her own. It is fortunate that I have two hands. She will also kick Louise off of a particular bed if she decides she wants it (usually by walking on top of her). Fortunately, most of the time she would rather sit on the couch with me. Since Louise does not care much for the couch and has a tendency to plummet off the edge if not watched very carefully, Thelma rules there undisputed. Both girls have been pretty healthy except for the occasional tummy upset. Louise did have some type of skin problem that made her itch, but I think it may have been the shampoo I used when I bathed her. I switched and now she is doing fine. She does have some holes in her gums where her canines were removed that have never closed. The vet things we should consider having surgery to close those holes since food particles can get up into them and from there into the nasal cavity and cause an infection, but I am nervous about putting her under with her heart issues. She is so happy and healthy right now that I hate to take the risk. Thank you for rescuing these little babies and taking care of them for me! There really is no substitute for the love of a rescue dog.

All I can say is I love this dog. Thanks again for helping me work through the adjustment period the first week of Mango-love . Submissive peeing is gone. :) I adore this little creature and feel so blessed. . Happy new year. Peace, Lori and Mango

Snuggly and Huckleberry had a great, although long, trip home yesterday; both slept most of the way. I was very proud of my little group as they were very respectful of Snuggly when she was first introducted to our family. After a little expected sniffing and face licking, they gave her plenty of space to investigate every (and I do mean EVERY! :-) aspect of her new home. She ran all over the house but after just a few minutes away would quickly return to me, and then once again continue her investigation. We all settled in at about 11 PM. She has faithfully used the wee wee pads without any coaxing whatsover - what a bright little girl! Carole, I am so amazed and proud of her - she seems so calm and happy. I am sure that all of the people she came in contact with through RescueMe (especially Jen and Jeanette) have had much to do with healing and nurturing her sweet spirit. I hope she can feel the love and acceptance we have for her here in her new "forever home". Thank you for the photos you sent - we will treasure them! Bless all of you at RescueMe and all of the little ones you do so much for. Please know that you are in our prayers and we will continue to remember the wonderful work you do. Thank all of you so much! Warmest Regards, Kenny, Sharon Nicole, Libby, Huckleberry, Mimi and Snuggly, too!

She's a gem and winning the hearts of everyone that meets her. I've never had a better behaved dog although she gave me a bit of a scare this morning. I let her go out to piddle in the back as I watched her but I didn't see there was a rabbit in the bushes. She ran after it and I was finally able to catch her so that's the last time she goes anywhere without a leash. Hope all is well with you too! Dolores

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how life is going with James. I brought James home in January and his eye has healed wonderfully. We took some pet training classes together which really helped build his self esteem and confidence. James has become a little more playful but still has no interest in toys no matter what kind I buy him. He has also become more social and seems less afraid of strangers and even has been able to spend time with other dogs however he still occasionally snaps at other dogs when they get to close. Having James has greatly improved my life and we love to do everything we can together, we may even try bring home a brother or sister someday if James is okay with sharing his home and mommy. Thank you, Justine

I just had to take a minute and write to thank you and all the wonderful foster parents who provide for Yorkies when they have lost their homes. It has been a year since Bruce walked into my life. I am so grateful. He is such a loving, smart little guy. He brings such joy into my home. I hope your year has been a good one and the new one will be even better. Again thank you for bringing Bruce, Buddy and me together. Sincerely, Sandy

Nikki is doing just great. She is one of the family and is loved by everyone in the neighborhood. We got her Lyme Disease Vaccination completed. Her next big adventure will be going to the groomer. She doesn't seem to need a trim as often as Maxx did. She certainly is a terrier and loves to go after squirrels. Our neighborhood has plenty off them. We are certainly glad you brought her along that day and we are glad we chose to keep her. If you are in Shippensburg someday stop by and visit . Ken and Linda

We just love this little girl, she is so lovable. Buddy and Sofie got along great. They had so much fun playing at Carole house, then they came home and took a nap because they were beat. Sofie just came in like she has lived here for years, she seemed to know where everything was the moment she walked in the door. Buddy and Sofie are sleeping on the couch, there have even been a few times where Sofie has placed her head on Buddy's legs...so cute:) I think they will be a great pair. Thank you so much for brining this bundle of joy into my life. I thought once we adopted Buddy life could not have gotten any better, but this little girl has given our family some much joy already. I cannot thank you enough for matching us with Sofie. Thanks- Joelle, Ed, Buddy and Sofie

It was great meeting you. Rusty is turning out fine. He does have allot of energy but he seems to be adjusting fine. We correct him from jumping on the sofa some times, but hes got the idea pretty much . He likes laying at the top of the steps, and watch everything going on. He really pretty good dog. The pennies do work also, I used them on my dogs early in their training. I will keep you update every so often on his good or otherwise behaviors. He likes the walking and follows my wife around the house all day. tomorrow is his first day alone for six hours, he should do fine since he goes in the crate even on his own laying in the day. Well again thanks and have a good week. I will tell rusty hello for you.

Thank you for asking! Maggie has been here her entire life... at least that's how she acts... lol... She is the sweetest most well mannered little doll. Mitzi and her are going along really well after an initial little growling and a bit of jealousy on Mitzi's side. Maggie enjoys the big back yard and chases the neighbors cat on her occasional visits. She is pure fun to walk with and we go 2 or 3 times a day. Mitzi can't keep up with her so she goes in her PoochPouch after a while. They don't play together yet but that's probably b/c Mitzi doesn't play a lot anymore in the first place. Maggie gives out kisses, LOTS OF KISSES and becomes more and more a lab doggie. The only thing is she doesn't offer her tummy for rubs yet but I guess that's just a matter of time. AND... she is MY baby, a real velcro baby, following me around wherever I go. She got the stairs thingy down and just runs up and down. I only have to carry her the few steps down to our back door b/c they are not carpeted. You should see us... I have to carry 2 doggies and need one hand to open the door, so I 'stack' Mitzi and Maggie over each other in one arm... lol...All in all we feel blessed having Maggie in our life and we can't thank you enough for making that happen! Kudos to you and all you do for those unfortunate little babies! Sonja and the M&Ms... (Mitzi and Maggie)

Just wanted to send you this pix of Barnsie and me on our vacation in Lavallette, NJ jersey shore this July. Barnsie is healthy, happy, and bringing Michael and I joy and giggles every day. He is fearless (and sometimes reckless), but full of fun, life, and silliness. He is a perfect fit for our home, and makes us laugh everyday. I hope and wish many more of your special puppies find their way home through you. Best, Beverly

I can't believe the transformation in just 48 hours. We've gone from growling and snapping (at me and Keegan...not Ed, of course) to tail wagging, playing, sharing toys, jumping on my lap and jumping into bed with us. Its incredible. We go for lots of walks (I live in a townhouse development with lots of neighbors...2 legged and 4) and Preston is an absolute gem with everyone and everything. My neighbors (young and old), not knowing his background, have gotten down on the ground and hugged him and played with him, he was even kissing one of them. I'm taking him to meet our vet later this afternoon, she can't wait to meet him. I will keep you posted on our progress, I know how concerned you are. I'm attaching a couple pictures for you. Thank you, again, for everything. You did a wonderful job with Preston and I am so grateful. I am falling in love with him!!! Take care. T.C.

It's been 6 months since we brought Jaden home. He is doing well, he had some chewing issues, he has nibbled on the legs of all of my furniture! He also still lifts his leg on things from time to time but has gotten much better. The biggest thing with him is that he does not like to be alone. He especially does not like when Bailey is out walking and he is waiting for his turn, he cries until she come back. He follows me everywhere and when I sit down he comes and sits on my lap. I can't tell you how much we all love him, he has made himself right at home and he and Bailey get along like they were born together. I have sent you some new photos of him and a couple of them together. Thanks again for letting us adopt him, I wouldn't trade him for any dog in the world. Lynne

Just a note to let you know how Scoobi is doing. He had a nice Easter. His basket contained greenies for doggie dental care, which he loves. He eats well for me -, cooked chicken, dogfood for seniors, and royal canin for yorkies. We switch it around a little. He loves walks. He has stopped chewing his feet and he continues to go out for all his poops. He is a good boy. I looked at the website and some of the stories were so sad. Iam sure I could never do what you all do. May the Lord help you find good homes for your dogs. Brenda and Scoobi

Thanks for letting us adopt Izzie. She has been wonderful. The ride home from your parent's house was fine she stayed on my lap the whole way home. We have been working on the house training. She is doing good. Can't believe it has only been 2 weeks feels like she has been with us for a long time. We take her with us to our son soccer practices and games. She just loves to play with the ball but, it is almost as big as her. She just sits on my lap while the game is played. Every night we take her for a evening walk she just loves that. At night time she curls up on the couch with one of us. We just love having her in our family, she is alot of fun. When I get some pictures I will email them to you. Jen keep up the great work with the rescue it is a wonderful program. This is the only way we will ever get another dog. Thanks, Sharon, Kevin, Skylar and of course Izzie

The kids are doing great. (see attached photos) I'm still working with Annie on housebreaking but she manages to sneak off to the darnedest places to have a "poop"! This morning it's pouring here so they are snuggled up on the sofa having a nap. (They were sleeping, but the minute they hear the camera, they open their eyes. Annie is a real ham and Miko just gives me that "not again" look! Annie has to have a pillow to nap on buy Miko prefers cuddling against the sofa arm. They are getting along very well. Annie is a piggy for my attention, and jumps all over Miko when I pet him. He's taking it like the gentlemen he is. They both love going to get Rory and when the three of them are together, it's the only time I can get Annie to walk on the leash at all. I was thinking of getting a stroller for her for long walks. What do you think? Will it discourage her for walking on the leash at all? Or perhaps is she just a dog who would prefer to be carried? She is walking about the yard with Miko without a leash. I stand at the end of the yard where it is not fenced in and they both know not to walk past me. In other words, they are angels! Don't know what I did before they came along!! That's it for now and thanks again for letting me have these two little angels!! Wish you could see them now! They are both fast asleep and cuddled so far under their blankies that only their ears are showing. Fondly, Kate

Just a note to let you know that our little girl is home safe and sound and is adjusting to her forever home just fine. The girls don't seem to mine their new sister and have been treating her as if she has been here all along. Zuzu has really taken to Betsy and won't let her out of her sight. She isn't too crazy about her medicine but if I take some cheese and shape it into a bowl and put her medicine in it she takes it like it was candy. She is not to sure about doggie cookies, she just nibbles it a little bit them drops it and the other dogs grab it. So they all hang around her when I give out cookies hoping to get an extra one when she drops hers. She is eating the new dog food all ready and just loves it. She is such a precious little girl and we feel so fortunate to have her. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have her. Bob & Betsy

Ravie (aka "Twiggy") did SO well her first day here ! She likes to run in the yard, and actually play-bowed and barked at The Big Cheez to play with her...which of course he thought was a great idea! She sat with us near the firepit and warmed herself nicely, and watched the fishes in our little pond. She got up close and personal to Russel Pony, she's not sure what to make of him, but the horses like our little dogs and they often reach over the fence to say hello. Pretty soon I bet she'll say hello right back (or bark at them daily like Vera still does after 4 years....) Leroy, our Reading street chihuahua, was a little jealous of her at first, but is now laying next to her in her butterfly bed. Little Brown is trying to crowd in there, too, it's quite cozy. She slept on the bed all last night, i took her out once to pee (The Bug and J-Man Squeek need a potty break every night any way, so what's one more?), no accidents at all, and apparently, likes to sleep in late. She's a bugger to get to eat, but she gets very excited at feeding time . The other dogs are all wound up, I think it helps a little. Francesca Chihuahua picks up every morsel she drops, and then washes her face for her. Makes it easy for both of us. Chubbles Louise is fascinated with her. They look like Laurel and Hardy nest to each other. SKitty Pot Pie, the shepherd mix, just does like always- gave her a warm welcome and minds her own business, Ravie/Twiggy does not seem fazed at all by her. We're going outside to smell the cherry blossoms and watch the magnolia tree bloom, I hope she likes it. Thank you for all you have done, she's adorable and we are thrilled to be able to have her join our family! Heather

Today Lacie came with us to fire Island for the first time. You would have thought that she has been going her whole life. Once we were on the dock she lead the way to the ocean. She loved running in the sand. Even using only three legs i had to work to keep up with her... we are going to buy a flexi lead for next time so i can stay in one place. Sophia came also and the two of them were the funniest pair ever. Lacie decided to sleep in my bag and Sophia kept a close watch over her. If one decided to bark at someone the other joined in. Her true personality is starting to come out as she is feeling better and getting adjusted to us. She is a riot, full of spunk. She is certainly everything that we could have been looking for and more. Here are a few pics. Shannon and Frank

I just wanted to give you an update on Twinkie. He's doing great! I just adore him to death, and he and Valentine get along just fine. I took him for a mani/pedi last week (he does NOT like getting his nails cut!) and tomorrow he has his first appointment with his hairdresser. He's SOOO poofy and needs a summer trim. Not too short, I know it took a while to grow out after all his mats were cut out, so just a trim into a puppy cut. He's such a baby. He still wears his little piddle pants when I'm not home, but only goes in it maybe 2 X a week. I tried to keep him in the kitchen at first with a pee pad, but his crying broke my heart, and it would make Valentine bark all day, so now I just let him run free with her. He went to the Dr. for a regular checkup and bloodwork, and seems to be in good health. The ear infection went away, but not before Valentine got one herself. I take him on bike rides with me. He sits in his little basket and just smiles at everyone, and gets so much attention. He's just so cute I could just squish him! It took a couple of weeks for him to be really comfortable and for his little personality to come out, but boy, is he a doll. He barks now, he tries tobites me all the time, slaps at me when he wants attention, and does the Riverdance on me in the morning to wake me up, and tries to nibble my face. Its so funny. I just can't say enough how much I love him. Thank you for bringing him to me.

Beamer is doing great. He has gained weight and seems very content. He is so cute, he loves to go on my bed and he needs to be put there because my bed is so high, so all day he stands by my bed and wags his tails. He just wants to lay up there all day, that is his favorite place. He has spent all summer exploring the yard. He is such a love. Susan

I can't say enough about our Izzy girl. She has made herself at home and now even runs the house. We have said many times that we think she was made for us. She is rough and tumble, hearty, silly and so loving. She is fondly known as the "Yorkshire Terrorist". She and TJ spent the day at the "Spa" getting groomed. She really hasn't grown much, she weighed 6.3 lbs at the vet about a month ago. She is a really pretty girl! We can't imagine our house without her, she is a perfect fit.

I wanted to give you an update on the boys (Sunny/Maverick is now Zen and Spanky is now Cooper). They were wonderful riding in the car. They stayed right in their beds. Zen did throw up when we got home but I have taken hime in the car since then and have not had a problem. They are wonderful dogs. Zen is doing a great job learning to walk on the leash. He does not like to have his harness put on. Housebreaking is going good. They are not wearing their belly bands anymore. At night they sleep on their own beds. Cooper tries to get up a few times but when I tell him to lay down he does. They are not liking their dog food. They are just starting to eat some today. They like their treats better and love to sit near the table looking for scraps. We are working on that too. They are wonderful dogs and add tons of joy to the house. Take Care!!! Merrill

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