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A non-profit organization which operates solely on donations. Every penny goes to help save the dogs.
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Our Dogs
The dogs currently in Foster Care with Rescue Me are listed below. YOU MUST COMPLETE AN APPLICATION prior to contacting a foster home and MUST BE APPROVED prior to adopting a dog. Please read our Adoption Process and our Adoption Policies prior to completing your application

Male , 1 years 8 months , 12 lbs

Giani camw to rescue after a death in the family left him in a situation where he was home alone in a crate for extended periods of time. He was very loved and raised in a loving environment so he has the most wonderful personality. He’s active, fun and playful; he gets along with other dogs of all shapes and sizes; loves to run in the yard, walks well on a leash, rides awesome in the car and love to play with his toys. Giani must have another dog in his forever home that he can play with and a fenced in yard. He is neutered, up-to-date on all of his vaccinations and has had blood work completed. . Giani is fostered in western PA and his adoption fee is $600. If you are interested in adopting Gianni, please visit our website at www.yorkierescueme.com and fill out an application today! ***Note: Applications must be filled out using a laptop or desktop computer. They won’t come through if you use a phone or tablet. If you are approved contact Jen: 717-264-9799 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Male9 months , 9 lbs

BENNY is available for adoption…He is 9 months and weighs 9 pounds. He was born in a puppy mill, but luckily he is only nine months old, so it has less effect on him. His foster siblings are teaching him how to be a regular dog and he is loving every minute of it. Benny’s new home must have another dog (or many dogs, big or small!) in it for him to play with and he needs a fenced-in yard. His true Yorkie nature kicks in when he see a cat so a home with no kitties is best. He is located in East Berlin, PA. and his adoption fee is $600. Check our Rescue Me - Yorkie Rescue Facebook page to watch videos of Benny playing! If you are approved contact Mandy: 717-264-9799 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Female , 7 years , 9 lbs

Athena was a breeder dog who suffered at the hands of a greedy puppy miller. Due to neglect, Athena developed cataracts in both of her eyes and is now blind. She went to a veterinary ophthalmologist to see if she could have her cataracts removed but she was so badly neglected that it was too late. The last test they did showed that her retinas were not reactive and even if they removed them, she would still be blind. We are devastated for her as she is so sweet and loving and has the most wonderful personality. She is extremely affectionate and loves being held. Falling asleep curled up next to you is probably her favorite. When a dog loses their sight, their other senses are heightened and they quickly adapt to new environments. She has navigated each space with grace and excitement. She is simply awe-inspiring and anyone that adopts her will be the lucky one, for sure. She needs to have another dog in her home to help be her eyes, to be her leader, her teacher and keep her company. Athena has been spayed, has been brought up-to-date on her vaccinations, has had a dental and bloodwork. She is getting an inexpensive eye drop twice daily to promote health in her eyes and she is so easy going that, she is oblivious to getting them. Athena is fostered in Whiting , NJ and her adoption fee is $250. If you are interested in adopting Athena, fill out an application today! * Note: applications must be filled out on a laptop or desktop computer. They will not come through if filled out on a tablet or phone. If you are approved contact Grace: 717-264-9799 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Female , 12 years , 7 lbs

Coco is a darling girl who finds herself looking for a new home at the age of 12, after her owner took in three children under that age of 5. She and her sister, Chloe, would be great companions for one another but are not 'bonded' where they must stay together (although it would be nice for them!). They are scheduled for their dentals the first week in May and will then be ready for their forever home. Coco is fostered in Harrisburg, PA and her adoption fee is $250 If you are approved contact Helena: 717-264-9799 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Female , 12 years , 7 lbs

Chloe is a sweet older girl who has found herself in rescue after her mom took in three young children. Chloe (and her non-blood related sister Coco) are as sweet as can be. They love to sleep in bed with you or cuddle up on the couch, they do like each other but are not bonded where they have to stay together. We would LIKE to place them together but if they each had the opportunity for a home that wasn't the same, we wouldn't want to hold them back from that either ... they are, after all, 12 years old and more than each other, they love their person. Chloe is scheduled for her dental the first week of May and will be ready for adoption. She is fostered in Harrisburg, PA and her adoption fee (which won't even cover her pre-dental bloodwork, heartworm test and rabies vaccine, let alone her dental), is $250. If you are approved contact Helena: 717-264-9799 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

Male , 4 years , 14 lbs

Theo was surrendered to rescue with the hope that moving out of a city and into a different environment would help with his behavior. Theo has a behavior problem that he’s working on but like all of us, he can still be triggered. Theo does not like strangers in his space, whether he’s on a walk or chillin in his home. If someone comes into his space, he is reactive and with the wrong owner, he could hurt someone. He is very loyal and is making great strides in his foster home but he has specific requirements for his forever home. Specifically, no children, and an experienced owner who will continue with his training and help him to get over his fear of strangers. He is also very smart and has learned to site, give paw, jump, lay down and to ‘play’ his toy piano. He walks on a treadmill which is great for his training too. If you have what it takes to give this special boy a home, apply today (you must use a desktop or laptop computer, our website is not yet compatible with ‘smart’ devices). He is fostered in Felton, PA. If you are approved contact Janice: 717-264-9799 or yorkierescueme@gmail.com.

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