Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue

Dedicated to the safety and well-being of Yorkies through foster care and adoptions
Established 2005


Yorkies Adopted


Years adopting out Yorkies

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Our Story

The Heart Behind Yorkie Rescue

Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue, established in 2005, is a volunteer group passionate about saving and caring for dogs, ensuring they find loving homes.

What We Offer

Our Services for Yorkies

Providing comprehensive care, adoption services, and support for Yorkshire Terriers in need.

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Foster Care

Provide temporary homes with safety and love while we assess each Yorkie’s personality and behaviors

Medical Care

Comprehensive health assessments and treatments for the dogs surrendered to Rescue Me

Adoption Matching

Matching dogs with perfect forever homes!

Find Your Furry Companion Today

Help us save lives and provide a loving home to a Yorkie.

Our Promise

Why Choose RESCUE ME Yorkie Rescue?

Our Process

How We Help Yorkies


We rescue Yorkies in need, provide medical care, and place them in loving foster homes.


Every Yorkie receives spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and heartworm prevention before adoption.


We carefully match each Yorkie with the right family for a lifelong bond.

What Others Say

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Make a Difference in a Yorkie’s Life

Become a part of our community and help us save more Yorkies in need of loving homes.

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